Bigg Boss Controversies We Can Never Forget

Bigg Boss controversies always make up the spicy headlines. The No 1 reality show is one of the most loved ones and also gains maximum TRP’s every time it hits the screen. Like always, this time too the most awaited season is just around the corner. The new concept of Lockdown has excited the audience and people are just curious to watch the masala that season 14 is coming with.

Besides this, fans are also going down the memory lane and reviving the Bigg Boss controversies that have happened. So, here is the list of the controversial angles that blown away everyone’s mind.

Biggest and Most Bigg Boss Controversies

Swami Om’s violence in the house

When it comes to Bigg Boss controversies, Swami Om is the contestant who definitely tops the list. Even after crossing all the limits of misbehaving, he had no regrets. From abusing the co-contestants to assassinating girls character Swami Om is the man who was ousted from the show.

Not only this but post the show numerous criminal cases against Swami Om got exposed. He is often characterized as the worst participant in Bigg Boss. Still, Swami Om’s confidence of being shameful is the same.

The rift between Armaan and Sofia

Actor Armaan Kohli made controversial headlines because of two incidences. His closeness with Kajol’s sister Tanisha and the ugly argument he got in with Sofia Hayat. His short temper brought him into a fight with Sofia because of which he ended up hitting her with a mop.

Legal actions against Armaan was filed in Lonavala Police Station. Charges of assaulting a woman inside BB house were imposed on Armaan. Later the actor luckily got released but his violent behaviour went viral on social media. Rumours about Kajol and her mom being upset on Tanisha’s relation with Armaan also did round.

Dolly Bindra

Without any doubt, Dolly has been one of the most violent women in BB house. Her irritating loud voice and outlandish behavior are intolerable. She got into a fight with everyone in the house.

However, her worst one with Bhojpuri singer Manoj Tiwari went viral. Later, her dialogue ‘Baap Par Mat Jana’ became the trademark and, is still used in many memes and funny videos. Dolly also made cheap comments on Shweta Tiwari and her hatred towards her is still evident whenever she talks about her. No wonder why Dolly is known as an Atom Bomb!

The brawl between Rakhi Sawant and Kashmeera Shah

Two Drama Queens at a single platform and no attention! How is it possible? Season 1 definitely grabs a place in Big Boss controversies. The two Divas Rakhi Sawant and Kashmeera have been the main leads of the catfight in the show.

Kashmeera’s dirty mind game of boycotting Rakhi in the show came into the limelight. The way Kash brainwashed all the contestants against Rakhi made things worse. The two got into a very violent and icky argument. Even the other participants of the show got frustrated from them.

Pooja Mishra’s indecent provoking actions : Bigg Boss Controversies

Pooja Mishra is the controversial Queen of Big Boss. The lady had all her time to poke the co-contestants in the house. Initially, people got a lot of spice from her fights but later things were not pleasing to see. The host of the show, Salman Khan slammed her in front of the public. However, that hardly had any effect on her.

By the end of the show, it became really difficult to handle her and thus, strict actions against Pooja were taken. People even tagged her as the ‘Next Dolly Bindra’ of Big Boss.

Imam Siddiqui : Bigg Boss Controversies

Imam Siddiqui is also the person who gets a credit of getting Big Boss controversies into the public eye. The only good part is, his weird attitude never let his entertainment level go down.

His crazy midnight drama was worth watching. Fans never got upset on seeing Imam’s way of troubling others. Still, it’s not fair to take the side of petulant behavior and thus, his image did had a negative impact on others.

Akashdeep Saigal : Bigg Boss Controversies

Apart from the participants in the house this contestant even got into a spat with Salman Khan. His loud and short-tempered behavior could not let him go long way in the show. In fact, after coming back from the show Akashdeep disclosed on how Salman has ruined his career. Now, no one knows what’s the truth! Even so, it’s a fact that after Big Boss Akash has never been spotted on the screen.

So, these are the main Bigg Boss controversies which can simply never be forgotten. Now, let’s see what season 14 has stored for the viewers. From the task fights to personal comments, this season who will turn into the Villain for the house? If you have any guesses do let us know your comments.

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