Bollywood Beauties who have gone to Jail

When it’s about Bollywood Beauties gone to Jail, Rhea Chakraborty is the name that comes in everyone’s mind. The ongoing drug angle in Sushant’s case is the reason she has come into the headlines.

However, apart from her even there are other actresses who had spent time in Jail. Rhea is just a new name which got into this list.

So, here is the list of such actresses who went to Jail and, we are sure you will be left stunned after knowing about them. Especially, their heroic image on the silver screen will blow your mind after knowing about the crime they have been charged for.

Shocking: Bollywood Beauties gone to Jail

Monica Bedi

Actress, Monica Bedi comes at the topmost in the list of Bollywood Beauties gone to Jail. Her long time relationship with gangster Abu Salem brought her into a mess.

She and Abu got arrested from Portugal and later Monica’s involvement in Passport Forgery led her into the severe consequences. The actress was sentenced to four years jail but luckily she managed to get a bail for herself. Post this incidence, Monica parted her ways with Abu and stepped in the Industry again with a bang.

Sonali Bendre

Sonali Bendre’s name in the list of Bollywood Beauties gone to Jail definitely comes as a shock. Even so, that’s the fact which no one can deny. In 1998 the gorgeous actress got accused of hurting religious sentiments by wearing a short kurta having spiritual and godly inscriptions on it.

Her controversial dress came on the front page of a Magazine after which she had to face severe consequences. Apart from Sonali, even the designers and the magazine editor were also arrested for being religiously insensitive. Later they all got away from the case with a bail of Rs.12000.

Bollywood Beauties gone to Jail for serious crimes

Mamta Kulkarni

The Hot Diva Mamta Kulkarni came into the controversial headlines after her name with Gangster, Vicky Goswami got viral. The actress fell in love to such an extent that even after knowing Vicky’s crime she just let things go.

Not only this but Mamta also adopted Islam for Vicky. The two were caught in a drug racket after which they were sentenced to Jail. Rumours about Mamta becoming a Yogini also did rounds but soon after, she again disappeared. Later she and her husband were detained from Kenya. The surprising thing is, Mamta had set his lover free from Jail in Dubai by marrying him. Now, this is how mad love is.

Shweta Basu Prasad

Remember the amazing Child actor from the movie Makdee? It’s horrifying to read about her in the list of Bollywood Beauties gone to Jail. After grabbing the limelight in her young time, Shweta Basu vanished and then, again came in the news but not for good reasons.

The actress was involved in a sex racket. She also confessed that because of not getting work, she went into prostitution. Shweta was sent to reform center. Currently, she is back on track and is doing well in the Film industry.

Bollywood Beauties gone to Jail for legal exploitation

Payal Rohatgi

Actress, Payal Rohatgi is known for her boldness. However, her fearless attitude took a toll on her. She defamed the Nehru-Gandhi family on her social media portal and that got her into Jail.

Her inappropriate comments and the advice on the renowned and respected Political family received hate from many. Thus, legal action was immediately taken against her. Fortunately, she got bailed after a few days. Also, her bail never got accepted in the first time, the Diva had to put in a lot of efforts to get released from the Police custody.

Alka Kaushal

Popular TV actress Alka Kaushal is also a part of this clan of Bollywood Beauties gone to Jail. Alka is majorly known for her prominent roles as a Mother in both Bajrangi Bhaijaan as well as Queen.

Legal action on Alka was taken on a financial matter wherein a 50 lakh rupee check got bounced and landed her into trouble. As per the reports, she borrowed the huge amount from an acquaintance in the name of making a serial. But at the time of return, she could not make up to it. She was not the only person involved in this fraud. Her mother was the accomplice. The court punished them with two years of imprisonment in Jail.

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