Breaking down all the theories about Taylor Swift’s New Fearless songs


Taylor Swift is a famous Hollywood singer. There is one quality which makes her more famous and different from other singers. This is the deep meaning which Taylor Swift songs tries to convey through her songs. Her fans always see her as an inspiration on listening to her songs. Her new fearless album which had released recently on 9 April, 2021 is also exciting her fans. 

This new album is the re-recorded version of her original album “Fearless”. That album was just about the life of a teenage girl struggling through various adventures in her imagined fairytale story. Now this new re recorded version has something new in the bucket. It has 6 songs in it. Let us know about the theory and meaning behind these new re recorded songs. 

1.Taylor Swifts songs- You all Over Me

This song features Maren Morris in it. There is a real life incident of Taylor swift behind this story. This song relates to a moving on story of a girl after breakup. Though the girl has moved on but the emotional attachment is still there in her life. 

Fans are anticipating pure connection of this song from her breakup with Joe Jonas, an American singer and songwriter. These are some anticipations of the fans through social media posts and sources. 

2.Mr. Perfectly Fine

This next Taylor Swift song also relates to Joe Jonas, his Ex Boyfriend. In this song, he just wanna question her ex, how is feeling after breaking up with her. It also indicates him as Perfectly Fine.

Lines from the song “Hello, Mr Perfectly Fine, How’s your heart after breaking mine”, clearly shows that his heart is not yet healed from her breakup. It also shows the pain and questions which the girl continuously asks from the boy. This full song is a questionable one. 

3.Taylor Swift songs- We were happy

This song has some different concept in it. This is based on happy times of a girl’s life during a relationship. In this song, she reminds and recapitulates all the happy things and moments she has spent with the person she loves. 

She was very much happy remembering those times. It was the best and happiest times of her life. She was unable to forget it even after her breakup. Her happiness can be easily seen from the lyrics of the song “And we were happy”. 

4.Thats When

The next song in Taylor Swift songs new version is “That’s When”. It is a duet song with singer Keith Urban. It indicates misunderstandings and complications while you are in a relationship. This shows about the mistakes we commit during relationships and the regrets we do after breaking up. 

Besides this, it shows how sometimes we feel blocked in relationships and ask to give some space. But when our partner doesn’t understand it and all this leads to breakup. After that, you regret your mistakes and just wish to get everything to be like before. No one has found any direct connection or inspiration to this song. But no doubt it shows true and deep feelings of relationships. 

5.Taylor Swift songs-Don’t You 

This song is a pure heartbreaking song from the album “Fearless”. It clearly shows the separation pain after breakup. Lyrics of this song are such that each line explains the pain which a girl went through after breakup. This includes a journey of all the happy moments which she  has spent with her loved ones, mistakes of the breakup and then in the end regrets of the pain. It is totally a heart breaking and emotional song for all heart breakers. 

6.Bye Bye Baby 

This song also shows Heartbreak pain. In this song, lyrics clearly show that the girl wants the relationship to an end. She is just saying a final goodbye to her lover. Though she wished to last it for a long time. But this couldn’t happen due to destiny and circumstances. So now she just want an end to the relations and say a good bye. 

Why should I listen to the above songs ?? 

Now let us understand the reasons why you should listen them-

1.These songs convey a deep meaning of life.

2.They are based on real life situations which occur in life.

3.Music of these songs are just awesome.

4.You will love to hear these songs and 

5.These are something which you can directly connect to. 

So above are some of the reasons because of which you must listen to Taylor Swift songs. 

Taylor Swift songs- Summing up

In today’s scenario, there are very few songs which indicates some real meaning. So these Taylor Swift songs are something which you must listen for sure. These are something which will create a direct connection and you can definitely relate it to your life situations. I just hope you will all love to hear it. 


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