CBSE class 12 exam 2021: Board Raises Weightage for MCQs in Class XII

Changes in Exam Pattern is introduced for CBSE class 12 exam 2021. They are very major changes in students’ benefit and future. This is because very important and useful changes have been taken. All class 12 students must know about it.  So if you are also a Class 12 student, then you must read this article. 

CBSE class 12 exam 2021: Changes for the better future

This article will prove very helpful for every Class 12 student. It will take you about 1 major change and how it will be beneficial for students. One such change is increasing MCQ questions for CBSE class 12 exam 2021. Read this article to know more about it. 

CBSE class 12 exam 2021: Increase in MCQ Questions 

For CBSE class 12 exam 2021, CBSE has taken a decision to increase MCQ questions. Now let us know about % of this increase. Though it was proposed to increase them by 50%. But after meeting all CBSE officials, it has finally decided to increase by 20%. It is the final decision taken and after that many schools have started preparing sample test papers for it. 

As a result of increasing MCQ questions, description based questions would be reduced. An internal assessment would also be added to the exams. 

Moreover, these MCQ’s will be based on Case study type. This is because it increases conceptual learning of topics. It has made students increase their practical learning of the topics. Also to test how they will apply topics learned in schools to practical life. This will be much beneficial and helpful for students. 

CBSE class 12 exam 2021: Other changes

Besides increasing MCQ questions, various other major changes have been decided.

They are-

1.Reducing Syllabus by 33%

It is another major change by CBSE other than increasing MCQ Questions. They have decided to reduce such topics from chapters which are not much useful. Chapters which would be deleted would be those not having any practical importance. The main motive is to increase the practical approach among students. 

Reduction in the syllabus will also help to reduce the burden of students to learn much. Students always get very much stressed about learning very much. 

2.More focus on the overall development of students

Learning a huge syllabus is a big task for earlier students. It reduces personal development.  They were not taught overall development. As a result, when they grow up they just have bookish knowledge and nothing more than that. Also, they become unable to take their decisions themselves. 

So CBSE has decided to take an approach for personality development besides learning. It will increase academic learning for students.  Also, it will make them physically and mentally strong. This will be a beneficial step for students. 

3.Removal of non-important concepts

Non- important concepts are removed by CBSE for students’ benefit.  It will make students focus on important concepts for their learning. Besides, they will be able to use them in daily life.

Internal choices are increased for questions. This would make the exam more friendly and convenient to attempt by all students. 

4.Making online classes more beneficial

For CBSE class 12 exam 2021, CBSE has also decided to make online classes more useful for students. CBSE will release new guidelines for it. It will help students to have a better future. It has promoted digital learning. This will be a great benefit for students.

Benefits of changes

These changes will bring various benefits to students. Below are some benefits- 

1.Practical approach

Firstly, these changes will lead to a more practical approach by students. It will make them more responsible and help in leading a practical life.

2.Personality development of students 

Since these changes are focusing on overall development. So it will help students to have a better practical approach. It will help in student’s personality development. 

3.Reducing burden of learning for students

CBSE has also decided to reduce the syllabus for CBSE exam 2021. So it will reduce the burden of students learning a huge syllabus. Adding MCQ’s and reducing description questions will also prove useful for students. 

Besides this, increase in internal assessment marks and choice questions are other benefits. They will also make paper convenient to attempt by even an average student. So this is another useful benefit for students. 

4.Increase in digital learning

For CBSE class 12 exam 2021, it has also decided to make digital labs. It will enhance practical learning for students. Besides this online learning will also increase. So it will increase digital mode of learning. It will prove as beneficial for students. 

Conclusion of the article 

Our education has been very old as compared to other countries. This has made India still a developing country. These changes are coming as a hope to increase learning and enhance the education system. 

These changes have also enhanced digital learning mode. This will prove as a great boon for India’s future. So let us hope that it will become very useful and beneficial for the better future of students. 


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