Celebrating Eco-Friendly Diwali this year

In recent times, Eco-Friendly Diwali is the need of the hour. This is because of various reasons arising in society.  Corona Pandemic and Increasing Pollution are some reasons. This has made green Diwali more important.

Eco-friendly will be in favor of both society and the environment. These ways can help society from increasing pollution and corona cases. So let us check out those ways through this article. 

Now you must be curious to know how we can celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali. So in this article, you will know about it. This article will tell you about the reasons for its importance. Besides this, you will also know ways how it can be done. 

Different Ways to Celebrate Eco-Friendly Diwali

Various ways in which you can celebrate an Eco-Friendly Diwali are-

1.First Eco-friendly way to celebrate Diwali- Crackers Free Diwali

It is impossible to imagine Diwali without crackers. But to protect society, we need to do it. You must try to celebrate Diwali without it. This is because crackers cause air pollution and make it harmful to breathe. It pollutes the environment as well. 

Besides air pollution, crackers create noise pollution. In this way, crackers can be harmful for animals, humans and the environment. 

So you must not use pollution creating crackers. If you like it much, you may use green crackers. They will cause less or no pollution to the environment.

2.Gifting Organic Gifts and Plants

You must give only organic gifts to people. This can prevent use of less non-renewable resources. These may include Organic creams, soaps, tea, and coffee. You can also try gifting Plants to your friends and relatives this Diwali. This is an environment friendly way. It will be better than non-recyclable gift items. 

3. Decorate your house with homemade items

There is yet another way to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali. Instead of using market made decorative items, you can use homemade. You can make beautiful decorative items using homemade things. Flowers can also be used for home decoration. These can be the best ways to decorate your house. It can make it look more beautiful and lovely.

4.Make Rangoli with natural colors

You can use natural colours to make a rangoli. Natural colors include Wheat flour and rice for white color. Turmeric powder as yellow and kumkum for red color. You can also use flowers to make colorful rangoli. This will be more eco-friendly instead of chemical colors. You may also use organic colors. This will help you to prepare a beautiful rangoli. It is another way to celebrate diwali. 

Eco Friendly Diwali

5.Other Eco-friendly ways to celebrate diwali

There are many other ways to celebrate an eco-friendly diwali. These include using Recycled paper bags for Shopping. You can use oil-filled diyas other than candles. LED-Lamps and Lights can be used for lighting houses. This requires much fewer resources.  It can also prevent the usage of more non-renewable resources. You can use banana leaves and kulhads to serve food and drinks. 

So these organic ways can help you celebrate an eco-friendly and safe Diwali. This can protect nature and humans. It will create a better pollution free environment to breathe. Also, this can make air quality better. So try these ways to celebrate safe diwali. 

Reasons for celebrating Eco-friendly this year

1.Increasing Pollution

Pollution has become the biggest reason to celebrate an eco-friendly diwali. This is because of increasing pollution. Though it is noticed every year. But this year, it has become a lot more dangerous. Air pollution is at worse level. This has caused various problems like difficulty in breathing. 

Eco Friendly Diwali

Breathing in such a polluted environment is very difficult. It just feels like a choke in the throat. It has caused problems for asthma and TB patients. Not only this, it has created problems for non-asthmatic patients too. Polluted air is causing problems for them as well. This is causing danger for human health.

Firing crackers also causes noise pollution.  This causes danger to both humans as well as animals.  

2.The Corona Pandemic

There is yet another reason to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali. This is the increasing cases of the Corona Pandemic. This is because though it has been many months since it has started. But it’s cases are not stopping now. It is increasing on a large scale. All these are increasing the death rates of people. 

Corona and Pollution are both connected. Corona cases are rising due to increasing pollution. Till now, corona cases have crossed 87-lakh. This can be worse if it is not stopped now. So we need to think about it. 

Now you know how the above factors are causing danger to society. So let us think of society and the environment first. The above ways can be adopted for an eco-friendly Diwali. This will be in favor of both humans and animals. It can prevent environmental pollution. 

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