Chocolate Hills, One Of The Most Beautiful Scenic View

Reasons why you have to visit this place

Chocolate Hills is a formation of small hills in Bohol city of the Philippines. There are near about 1260 small hills present in the area. If you look at the number of hills you will find that there are more than 1776 hills in location. The hills that are present there are covered with the layer of grass which looks very beautiful. But in the dry season, these grasses turn to look brown in color. This unique name is because of the brown color of the grass that will occur in the dry season.

Chocolate Hills is the most beautiful and popular place of Bohol. Some of the hills consist of their provincial flags which symbolize nature love and preservation of nature in their culture.

Chocolate Hills, one of the most beautiful scenic view

Chocolate hills form the shape of a cone and they are formed from the rolling of haycock shaped hills. A layer of grass-covered limestone was coated over the hills. The average size range of hills is from 30 to 50 meters and the height range is 98 to 164 feet. The largest mountain in the chocolate hills is 390 feet high and has a width of 120 meters. Chocolate hills are surrounded by the small towns of Bohol and the towns that are Batuan, Sagbayan, and Carmen.

During the dry seasons, the grass becomes brown. The hills look like the collection of Hershey`s chocolate kisses that are arranged in a row. There are near about 1247 hills from which two hills are converted into resorts for the accommodation of tourists. The best view of all the hills comes from the government-owned complex which is situated in Carmen. This complex is 55 km away from the capital Tagbilaran. The other best viewpoint is the Sagbayan peak which is 18 km away from the government complex.

Protection of the beauty of this place

As it is the most popular tourist place of Bohol, the government will protect this place with rules and regulations. The national committee of Bohol declared chocolate hills as a monument in 1988. The reason behind this was as it is a unique structure and dynamic scenic view. This declaration makes chocolate hills as one of the most protected areas of Bohol. To add more information about the protection, then president Fidel V. Ramos signed the documents and also approved the proclamation no 1037. This proclamation will ensure the protection of chocolate hills and the nearby towns and areas of chocolate hills like Carmen.


According to another proclamation, the nearby locations of hills were not considered as the protected area. This was observed in the celebration of Bohol Sandugo which took place on 17 July 2002. The above-mentioned proclamation was approved by the government in the year 1994. This proclamation will take control of the government stronger. Again in 2004, the Philippine House of Representatives declared a new bill to increase the protection of hills. As the government of the Philippine will continue increasing the security of this beautiful structure. Hence, one day it will become the most protected monument of the Philippine.

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