Earthquake creates panic in National capital of India

Panic spread in National Capital when the earthquake of magnitude 3.5 Richter scale shook Delhi. The epicentre was Wazirabad in North East Delhi at a depth of 8 km on 12:04:2020. The epicentre was situated at a latitude 28.7N and Longitude 77.2E.

According to the National Centre for semiology, the earthquake occurred at 5:45 in the evening on Sunday. Noida, Ghaziabad and Faridabad also reported the tremors. There is no damage or casualty reported so far.

“We were sitting at our homes and watching tv and suddenly we felt the tremors and rushed outside, greeted our neighbours from a distance who had already gathered and returned to our homes” quoting one of the residents of Lajpat Nagar.

The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal also took to twitter and tweeted ” Tremors felt in Delhi. Hope everyone is safe. I pray for the safety of each one of you is safe.”

During this time of panic, a fake message that states that NASA had predicted that a strong earthquake might hit Delhi-NCR from 7 April to 15 April was circulated. But all these messages were smashed to be fake by PIB ( Press Information Bureau). According to them, no such message has been given by NASA, the video that went viral was a reality analysis of earthquake done in 2018 by a news channel.

Already people are stressed because of the increasing cases of coronavirus and the earthquake terrified people and created an atmosphere of stress. Many memes went viral like “should we stay in or go out”. Although, the good news is that no damage was stated.

The times are tough and we are being tested. Stay safe and take all the precautions. Just remember every bad day has a new morning and this shall too pass.

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