Elizabeth Bathory: who used young women blood as a beauty regimen

How far can you go to look elegant? Isn’t nerve-wracking to know about a queen in past named Elizabeth Bathory who had killed around more than 650 innocent girls in the time period of 25 years just for her beauty regimen. She has been given (vedic beauty secrets) the title of a most prolific female murderer by Guinness World records even though the number of her victims is still debated upon.

Queen Elizabeth Bathory was born in Hungary and was proficient in German, Greek and Latin languages. Later she got married to Ferenc Nadasdy who was from royal family. Elizabeth was more busy in grooming herself than being interested in her husband.  It is believed that Elizabeth made a “ torture room” where she used to torture girls.

What’s inside that Torture room?

As per the rumors it is said she was advised to bath with the blood of young girls in order to look more young and elegant. She started to follow this advice religiously and little girls from the village were her soft targets. She started torturing them through various methods like burning them with a hot iron, sticking needles under their fingernails or just pouring ice water over their bodies and letting them die outside. Even the most wicked torturous thing she did was to let the bodies be covered with honey so that honey-bees can feast on the skin. After such cruel practices, she used to collect the blood of girls in a bathtub and used to bath in that for hours and hours. She took help of her 3 servants in doing this.

How did this gruesome act came into light?

It is believed her husband also helped her in such things and this practice reached it’s peak level after her husband’s death. Girls were given order to come to palace , reason cited was employment and no villager gathered courage to dismiss the order but gradually the villagers started sensing something fishy going inside the palace as girls won’t return to their home. Meanwhile some girls escaped from palace and told the people the real face of Queen Elizabeth .

How the problem was solved?

Villagers complained about Queen Elizabeth Bathory to the king of Hungary. He investigated the whole matter and finally (vedic beauty secrets) accused Bathory with the murder charge of 80 girls. She was later kept under house arrest until her death in the year 1614.

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