Enthralling facts about Radhe Maa you may not know about

Facts about Radhe Maa is surely a topic that a lot of us may have an interest in. There are many spiritual leaders around us and, all of them have their unique qualities. However, when it comes to the god woman ‘Radhe Maa’ she is just beyond the league. The lady who claims to be the ‘Devi Maa’ for all is booked for three seduction cases. You might be finding it weird but that’s the reality. 

Not only this but from her funny way of talking to her quirky dancing steps, she is just epic. Her popularity has brought her in the headlines quite a few times. Still, many people are curious to know who actually she is, what does she actually do and how she became so famous. So, here we have listed down some enthralling facts about Radhe Maa. 

Lesser-Known Facts about Radhe Maa:

  • The real name of Radhe Maa is Sukhvinder Kaur. She belongs to a small village in Dorangala, Punjab. 
  • She tied the knot at the age of 18 years and is blessed with two sons. To support her husband financially, Radhe Maa started working as a tailor in her village.
  • Many people have a misconception that Radhe Maa has been into spirituality since her childhood. However, the people from her native place assert that it all began after her husband went to Doha to get better employment. 
  •  The journey of Radhe Maa towards spirituality started from Paramhans Dera. She even transformed her dressing style and soon gave people confirmation about her being an incarnation of Goddess Durga.
  • She always claims that she has no supernatural powers. Even so, her devotees state that they have seen her miracles and she is a Devi. One of her devotees has even shared his experience of how his chest pain went away after Radhe Maa placed his hand on his head.

facts about radhe maa

Mahant Ram Deen Das of 1008 Paramhans Bagh Dera offered her the name of Radhe Maa.

  • After gaining a good amount of believers, Radhe Maa shifted to Mumbai. One of her disciple Sanjeev Gupta gave her his residence to stay. The place is known as Radhe Maa Bhavan and Sanjeev is the managing trustee of Shri Radhe Guru Maa Charitable Trust. She also owns a huge house in Delhi where a lot of her satsangs take place. 
  • The God woman claims that she has a boon by Lord Shiva. Her website states that wishes of the devotees who attend 9 chowkis of Maa Durga and gets the blessing of Radhe Maa gets fulfilled. 
  • On the education aspect, Radhe Maa persuaded her studies till class X. 

Astonishing facts:

  • Radhe Maa’s weird yet funny style of treating her devotees adds up to the list of facts about Radhe Maa. She blesses her devotees by dancing with them and also allows them to carry and kiss her. Now this way of giving blessing seems more fun! Isn’t it?
  • The two main people who always stands like a pillar with Radhe Maa is Choti Maa and Talli Baba. Choti Maa was a follower of Radhe Maa who eventually became her right hand and now, handle all her events. Talli Baba is devoting all his time in service of Radhe Maa since the age of 12. 

Controversial facts about Radhe Maa:

  • Controversies related to Radhe Maa started after she was spotted wearing a short red dress in Dubai. Her videos and pictures while dancing and posing in a dress blew many people’s mind. It was also really shocking for many people to see her in an Avatar that no one had any idea about.
  • Another controversy took place when a 32-year-old woman filed a complaint against Radhe Maa for torturing her physically and mentally. According to her statement her in-laws harassed her for Dowry on Radhe Maa’s order. 
  • Besides this, there is also a serious charge of provoking seven people for suicide in Gujarat. As per the allegations, Radhe Maa looted them and after spending crores on her, the family got nothing in return. 
  • An obscenity complaint about letting devotees especially the males kiss and lift her has also been filed against Radhe Maa. 
  • TV actress Dolly Bindra also filed a complaint against Radhe Maa and her supporters for sexually assaulting her. 

Controversial facts about Radhe Maa

Radhe Maa has shut all these allegations. Also, her followers never let any trouble come on her way. Her strong connections and fan following is the evidence of her being a renowned personality.

These are some of the fun, interesting and shocking facts about the controversial God Woman Radhe Maa. The lady spreads her magic in red with a Trishul in his hand. Lately, she came into Big Boss and again created a massive buzz on social media. 

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