Fujifilm Instax Link Smartphone Printer

Now share each memorable moment and forget those virtual methods; just experience the latest invention. Fujifilm Instax has developed “Instax mini Link” or Only, Link Smartphone printer. Fujifilm Instax Link Smartphone Printer comes with more than just usual printing capabilities. It features two qualities, precisely, Fun Mode & Print Mode. 

Also, this printer may not suits professionals photographers, as it designed considering the young people who use it as part of their recording life and socialising. Just 200g in weight for sterling portability, the palm-top compact printer is an accessory that easy to carry for any location to take pleasure in photo experience. 

Some significant fun features of Fujifilm Instax Link 

Fujifilm has released the Instax Mini Link, a modern printer with sterling portability that let the snaps of your Smartphone to transform into Instax Mini prints.  

  • This Smartphone printer also features with an app which is more compatible with GFX System cameras for printing on-the-spot and with Fujifilm X Series. 
  • The app; Instax Mini Link is absolutely free for iOS and Google Play Store. Which makes it easy to transfer a photo for printing by Swiping up in the app.

Fujifilm Instax Link Smartphone Printer

  • Video Print supports single frames that let videos to transform into prints. Party Print switch multiple pictures into a unique collage print. 
  • Besides, being light and small, the Instax Mini Link is a fast printer, within just 12 seconds it can transfer a print, also can do repeated printing.
  • To overlay on photographs, intensify photos with artistic filters, or make some necessary adjustments (e.g., saturation, brightness, and contrast) users can also design frames  by using the companion app) 

Besides printing, after being paired with a camera, you can utilize the device to manage your Smartphone camera somewhat. In it, you can easily zoom in and out a picture. So overall, it is the latest concept of technology that you are going to love.



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