Glacier National Park Guide: A Perfect Socially Distanced Road Trip Destination

Wouldn’t it be a lovely surprise if we provide you a perfect Glacier National Park Guide? More than a thousand spices of plants, nearly 70 species of mammals, and over 270 species of birds call this park their home. Not only golden eagle but you will be overwhelmed to know that grizzled bears, wolverines, grey wolves, mule, lynx and so many rare species are habitat of this place. It is in Montana and people consider it as one of the best national parks in the World. It is also familiar as ‘ Crown of the Continent ‘ as there are so many wonders to witness. You will find more than a million acres of forests, towering mountains, alpine meadows, cascading waterfalls, calm lakes, most iconic glaciers and glacier-carved valleys. Moreover, it also gets top marks for its natural beauty. So, it is also popularly known as ‘Switzerland of America’.

Glacier National Park Guide – Amusing trip and tour ideas

A trip to this wonderful national park after quarantine is a great idea to escape hustle and bustle of life. Whether you go by plane, train or car, we would love to help you map your way efficiently. So, here we are presenting the complete Glacier National Park Guide so that you do not miss out single information. From breath-taking Going-to-the-Sun Road, beautiful Waterton Lakes National Park to contemplative view of Lake McDonald, sparkling Two-Medicine Lake everything is amazing in the park. We all know that national parks are a fantastic destination for summer vacation or camping. So, we will give you the details of incredible and exciting ranges of activities that Glacier National Park offers.

Drive the Going-to-the-Sun road:

Going-to-the-Sun Road is a highlighted part of this national park that can not be missed during your visit. It spans approximately 50 miles and crosses the continental divide at Logan Pass, the highest point of the road. You will witness several colorful wild flowers, so many wildlife creatures, mountain peaks and that will make your trip amazing.

You can get panoramic views of massive Jackson Glacier on the way of Going-to-the-Sun Road. Especially on a bright, sunny day, the site is more worthwhile to see.

Must try a boat tour:

To explore the blue crystal clear lakes you may rent a paddleboard. Those, who are not comfortable on a paddleboat, can try boat tours in the national park. You can enjoy a boat tour on a wooden boat in the calm water of Lake McDonald. you can also experience the glaciers and the mountains which are full of trees. Also you can witness from the Lake Swift current and Lake Josephine and that too have the origin in the glaciers at the east end of the Glacier National Park is one of a kind experience. 


Do you want to get some thrill? Rafting and fly fishing – this combo sounds interesting, right? Montana water is the prime habitat of rainbow trout, lake trout, bull trout, and west slope cutthroat trout. So, for those who want adrenaline pumping, authority arrange this kind of float trip on the middle and north Forks of Flat head River in Glacier Park.

Explore on horseback:

The region of Glacier National Park is vast and the distance between destinations is surprisingly huge. If one wants to explore the park completely, it would take years. As per the Glacier National Park guide, it offers horseback riding tours for those who want to cover more area than they could on foot. Looking at the mountains from the top of a horse, you will live great moments of your life in this national park.

Explore on horseback
Explore on horseback

Capture the moments:

Glacier National Park is a dream destination for a wildlife and landscape photographer. A professional photographer knows how to capture the picturesque landscape view or the photographs of a perfect sunrise, sunset, or the stunning mountains or even wildlife. now you already know that this National Park is home to verdant forest, spectacular wildlife, and approximately a thousand species of wildflowers. So, it is a perfect place to enjoy the real essence of nature and capture the beauty using the camera.

Places to stay:

There are multiple options for hotels to stay and campgrounds to pitch a tent for a perfect vacation. If you want to experience motel-style rooms and rustic cabins, St. Mary Lodge would be a good choice for you. If you wish to enjoy Swiss chalet-style lodging on Lake shore, Lake McDonald Lodge is ideal for that. Besides these Garden Wall Inn, Prince of Wales Hotel, around 100 years old historic Glacier Park lodge are also there to offer you great service.

Places to stay
Places to stay

Take a hike:

When its too boring to walk and you want more adventure, hiking and biking is the only way to enjoy your trip. It must be favorite destination of bikers for mountain biking. If you are looking for a trip to Going-to-the-Sun road or take a bike ride you are absolutely in the right place. Starting from the Lake McDonald and go as far as you want and witness the greenery and breathtaking view of mountains. The cars do not get permission to enter until late June or early July. During this time the road of the national park remains clear for bikers.


Glacier National Park of Montana is famous for magnificent mountains, sky-high waterfalls, crystal clear lakes, and endless opportunities of adventure. If you want to travel while stuck at home, a socially distanced road trip to Glacier National Park will help you in relaxation. This Glacier National Park Guide precisely helps you while looking for a thrilling experience. The global spread of the Corona virus has disrupted the travel plans like many of us. But we believe  the world will heal with time. Just by maintaining some precautions and social distancing will keep you safe this time. You should remember that Glacier National Park is so vast that there is no crowd. You can immerse yourself there in scenic beauty of mountains, lakes, and forests. And you can also get an incredible lifetime experience that you will not forget.


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