How to choose and style a pair of glasses to rock every single look!

Hollywood stars set off a trend wearing sunglasses in the early 1900s and people are following that for years. And there is nothing wrong to look fashionable. Glasses do not just improve your vision; they protect your eyes and change your whole look. Your shades speak about your taste, sense of styling, and personality.

Choose your shades wisely!

To nail the game, it is very important to pick the right pair of shades that suit your face perfectly. Always choose frames which highlight your (style a pair of glasses) brow line. Another great trick you need to know is to find slightly wider frames than your face. This compliments your look.

Suppose, you have a square face, oval-shaped frames are great in balancing your features. On the other side, square sunglasses or cats eyeglasses are ideal for round face. Always go for glasses with wider frames if you have a heart-shaped face.

You can never go wrong with a classic pair of oversized sunglasses. They are a fashion statement since the ’60s.

Aviators are the most selling product of all glasses as they look good on everyone, especially people having oval, round or heart-shaped face.

Different styling ideas

Have you tried to wear your shades without wearing them? It seems confusing, no? Let me tell you some savvy ways how you will style your glasses when you are not wearing them on your face.

Just securing glasses on your head you can create a quick, simple and easy look. You will never lose your glasses keeping them on the top of your head and it looks cool too!

When you do not want to wear your glasses, the easy way to keep them closer is to hang them onto your top wear. But it is not a safe option (style a pair of glasses) when you are engaging in physical activities. Otherwise, you can rock the whole look with confidence.

Here is another trick to show your latest designed shades off. Keep your look casual, minimize your jewelry or accessories and let your shades rule.

Hope this guide will be helpful to all of you who are confused thinking about how to wear shades in a sporty way and look super stylish.

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