How to Identify Toxic People in Your Life?

Do you also face difficulty while identifying the toxic people in your life? If yes, then read this article carefully and make this identification easier for you. Many a time we encounter some people in our life who are unsupportive and draining and always insist you to prioritize them over yourself. These people always make issues about themselves and make you believe that it’s not their fault at all. Though you might enjoy their company and hanging around them but being in a close relationship with them can land you in trouble. So, here is a list of signs that would be helpful for you to identify them based on how they make you feel and what they do.

Some signs of identifying toxic people in your life

Perhaps, you might have a friend in your life who always makes you feel bad about your life instead of appreciating your hard work. Or there might be a family member who always makes you feel guilty for your great life just because they don’t have one even after struggling for years.

It is very much essential to spot and stop those toxic people from drenching you before it gets too late. If you successfully identify them, it would be easier to minimize their influence on your life. Although you can’t simply cut them off from your life, you can limit the time you spend with them. So, make your identification easier, here are some of the common signs of toxic people.

Toxic people are manipulative.

These people will take so much from you: your possessions, time, and attention but will never return it to you. When you’re around them, you will feel that you’re the only one contributing to this relationship. This is their manipulative behavior. They will make you believe that you owe so much to them and you are most likely to believe them. They’ll hurt you deliberately and would later convince you that they did all that for you. And in the end, manipulating you and changing your perspective.

They don’t listen to what you’re saying.

Whenever you’re having an argument or discussion, the toxic person will always try to prove their point. They will have no interest in whatever you’re speaking instead they will be busy deciding in their head as to what to say next. Also, they’ll always try to bring back the conversation to themselves to be in the focus. However, they expect you to listen to them and agree to whatever they’re saying.

They like to boast about themselves.

Most often you’ll find the toxic people boasting about their struggle and success in front of others. They do it purposefully to make the other people feel bad and inferior. They want others to respect them and consider them to be superior. Such people have low self-esteem and doing so helps them boost it. Moreover, they often take credit for someone’s else achievements to show that they’re better than the others.

They are judgemental.

The most common habit of toxic people is criticizing others for their habits and behaviors. You can easily observe that they always bring up other people in your conversation and speak badly about them. They’ll criticize them for what they do, how they live, and what they say. Undoubtedly, if they talk badly about others when they’re with you, they’re going to do the same about you when you’re not around.

Toxic people don’t apologize.

The least used phrase by a toxic person is “I’m sorry.” They never apologize and accept their mistake. They will manipulate the facts and dialogues and make you accept that you’re wrong and that you misinterpret what they said. However, they may apologize at some point but that too would be a part of their plan to bring you closer to them. They always want to be right and if they’re not, they’ll change the information and blame others rather than apologizing.

They’re mostly dishonest.

To boost their self-esteem and gain respect among others, toxic people mostly make up things and tell lies. They also tend to exaggerate the facts or modify the dialogues to make them superior in front of others. So, whenever somebody is giving you an elaborate description of an incident or a thing, you can easily identify that they’re being dishonest. But try not to confront them because they know how to prove themselves right.

They pretend to be caring.

Toxic people in your life are unsupportive and not interested in what’s important to you. Although they’ll show you that they care for you and do everything possible to make things easier for you but they don’t. They are not at all loyal and make you defend your decisions. Moreover, if good things happen to you then it will put you in the spotlight and they can’t see this happening. So, they’ll pretend to be caring and keep on finding faults in whatever you do.

Toxic people always try to gain sympathy and support rather than focusing on your problems. They want you to solve their problems and be there for them whenever you need them. However, if you stay in the company of toxic people for a long time, you may end up being suffering from heart disease or mental problems. These people bring so much negativity in your life and drench you completely. Now that you know the signs of toxic people, you can easily identify them. Closing the doors and not communicating at all is not a solution rather try to minimize the time you spend with them. Additionally, you should learn how to deal with them politely and intelligently.

So, we advise you to stay away from the toxic people in your life and live your life happily. Living with them means minding their business and giving them all the attention, all the time. They’ll always try to manipulate you and make you feel that you need them. They’ll intervene in your personal space and insist you cut off ties with the people you’re close to. So, try to be with people who support you, respect your decisions, and love you the way you are.

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