How to Look Elegant in Traditional Outfits

About Traditional Outfits

Traditional outfits are one of the most important clothes and one of the integral parts of Indian culture. Though Modernization has made people move towards Western culture and Western clothing. But grace and elegance which Traditional outfits provide to women can’t be matched with Western Clothing. 

For instance, let us imagine a woman wearing a Saree and another woman in any Western clothing.  There is no doubt that the first one will be looking much more attractive and elegant than the second one. Traditional outfits can only create this magic. 

So let us know in detail How you can look elegant by wearing Traditional outfits.

Types of Traditional Outfits 

There are many types of Traditional outfits for a women-

1.Ghagra Choli and Lehenga’s

This is one of the types of traditional outfits for women. You can wear these two types of dresses mainly for engagement functions, weddings, engagements and festivals. 

Different styles of Lehengas include-

  • Off shoulder Lehenga
  • Bridal Lehenga
  • Zardosi Styled
  • Printed Lehenga

2.Traditional Outfits- Kurtis with Churidar, Leggings, Palazzo and Long Skirt

These are another type of dresses for women. You can wear these on any casual occasion including as office wear. You can wear kurtis with various options like Churidar, Leggings, Palazzo or even with a Long skirt.

There are various types of suits for women wear-

  • High Low Kurta
  • Anarkali Style
  • Patchwork Kurta
  • Woven Net Kurta
  • Layered Kurta
  • Jacket Style 
  • Nehru Collar style
  • Petal cut kurta
  • Wrap styled kurta 
  • Straight cut
  • Kurta with bells
  • Open High Neck Style 


You can wear Saree both casually, in office and at functions. The saree type, should it be Light or dark weight will depend on the type of occasion. 

4.Suits and Salwar Kameez

You can even wear Suits and Salwar Kameez on casual occasions and also as office wear. You can choose any type depending on your choice. 

Following are various types of Salwar Kameez for women-

  • Patiala salwar kameez
  • Pant style salwar set
  • Floor length Salwar suit
  • Lace Salwar Kameez 

5.Ethnic dresses

Besides above, designers also offer different types of Ethnic dresses. You can wear these too on functions or casually depending on its type and variety. 

These dresses include-

  • Scoop neck dress
  • Crepe designer dress
  • Customized dress (Depending on occasion)

How to select best Traditional outfits for an occasion

There are various things which you must remember before you choose your traditional outfit- 

1.Chosing right shade

You can wear either a light or dark colored outfit. Choosing this is a crucial task since colors must describe your personality. Choosing color depends on various factors like Color complexion, climate and type of occasion. 

2.Wear as per your Physique and Body structure 

You must choose a dress as per your physique. This is because not all dresses are there for all types of people. Fat and Healthy women must wear dresses which suit their physique. Besides this, there are different outfits for slim women which will not look good on fat and healthy women.  

3.Occasion type

Traditional outfits must be chosen according to Type of occasion. For instance, Heavy and dark colored dresses would not look good as casual wear. While light colored dresses will not look much good for weddings and other functions.  

4.Traditional Outfits-Go with trending outfit

If you choose an out of fashioned outfit, then you will look out of fashion. So try to search for a traditional outfit which is trending one by conducting an online or offline research of outfits you are choosing to wear. 

5.Type of Climate 

You must also consider the climate before you choose any outfit. This is because not all outfits are for all climates. For instance, you should light colored and soft clothes for summer. Besides this, you can opt for dark colored and rough types. 

Tips to look elegant in Traditional outfits

You will look more elegant and graceful in Traditional outfits than western one. But for that, you must follow some tips. These tips are as follows- 

1.Choose an outfit which fits your body structure

Firstly, you must choose an outfit which is best for your body structure. This is the basic tip for women. This is because if you do not follow this tip, then you will not look much more attractive than you should look. 

2.Trending look

Fashion changes with time and so women must choose for a trending outfit. There is no doubt that Going with the trend is very important nowadays. This is because it makes you more modern and going with the society. So wearing non- trending Traditional outfits will not only make you less graceful but also make you out of fashion. 

3.Traditional Outfits- Choosing fabric as per climate and occasion

You must choose best Type of fabric for every traditional outfit. For instance, you must choose it according to climate and type of occasion. This tip will help you look much elegant and graceful. 

4.Matching Accessories

Accessories are crucial for a traditional outfit. It makes traditional look more elegant. So you must choose the best matching accessories for your outfit. You may choose for gold or antique jewelry which suits you the most. 


Makeup is another important tip to make a traditional outfit more graceful and attractive. So you must apply the best makeup for your outfit. Type of makeup also depends on various factors like Color Complexion, type of occasion and climate. 

6.Choosing a best color for your outfit

You must choose the best color of outfit. This also will depend on your color complexion, climate and occasion type. This adds to grace and elegance to your traditional look. 

So I advise and suggest you to adopt these tips for a graceful and elegant look.

Conclusion for the topic

Now you have come to know how traditional outfits make you more elegant and graceful than western outfits. So if you are thinking of choosing an outfit for any occasion, then go for a traditional one. But before that, you must go through the tips above to look more elegant.  These tips will really help to decide best traditional outfit for any occasion like Office, Weddings, Engagement functions and casual wear. 

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