How to maintain Spark in your Relationship

Love is undoubtedly the most beautiful feeling in the world. When you are in love everything seems to be beautiful and you are on cloud nine. As soon as time passes by the relation starts losing its charm.

Maintaining a relationship needs time and effort. There is no rule book for maintaining a relationship but this blog will help you out in keeping your love life alive and to add sparkle to your dead relation.


The easiest way to maintain a relationship healthy is to talk. Listen to what your partner is trying to say. Communicate with them about your day and work life. If he or she did something that hurt you tell them. Discuss things, rectify mistakes and walk together. Communicate your fears or strengths.


Learn to prioritize in a relation. What is your priority whether its respect, honesty or love? Never compromise on your priority. For instance, if your priority is respect and your partner respects you but is poor in expressing his feelings then, don’t lose your calm. Talk to them remember he or she just needs time.


The most important factor in any relationship is understanding. You need to understand your partner his or her actions. The longer you have been with each other the better you start understanding your partner.


Just don’t think too much. Overthinking often leads to misunderstanding and can ruin your relationship. There will be rough patches in your relation and overthinking can often result in impacting your relation badly. If your partner is loyal then, have confidence that he won’t deceive you.


Keep your expectations minimal, instead of waiting for him to make you happy. You learn how to be happy yourself. When you have a fight instead of waiting for him to come and say sorry, you take the initiative.


Avoid comparing your partner to your ex or your friend’s boyfriend. It might be possible that his way of expressing love is different from others. Some express love to their partner through gifts, some by poetry and some by expressing it publically.


Learn to say sorry keeping your ego aside. It’s okay to say sorry when you feel you are wrong. Hug him and let him know what he means to you.


Be a bit expressive, randomly saying “I love you” or complimenting them helps you in keeping your relation’s spark alive. Go on dates, try out new things, send cheesy messages, tell them why they are special. You just don’t need expensive gifts to express your love, your efforts are enough.

Love is powerful but keeping it all alive even after 10 years needs efforts. So, keep loving your partner and don’t worry if you haven’t find the one you deserve you will meet him or her soon.

Priyanka Upreti
I am a content writer and creator. Loves to write on travel fashion nd lifestyle blog. I enjoy writing and narrating poetry.


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