Ileana and Andrew part ways!

We are always in the mood for willing to know what is going on in our favorite star’s life. Isn’t it? From where they are spending a vacation, what are their next projects to patch up or breakups in their life, everything is on the list that we want to know about. To know all the Bollywood news you need to stay tuned with us.

Ileana and Andrew part ways!

‘Barfi’ actress Ileana D’Cruz and her Australian husband Andrew Kneebone have reportedly split and unfollowed each other on Instagram. The actress also deleted all the couple pictures from her Instagram page. She never (about Ileana and Andrew) spoke about their relationship publicly but she always referred to her photographer partner as ‘Husband’ in previous social media posts. A source has said that the couple is also not even on talking terms.

If they have decided to do so, definitely there must be some reasons. But they look adorable together, hope they will get back together soon solving their issues!

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