In the Mid of Coronavirus Scare, Dos and Don’ts This Holi

New Delhi, March 6, 2020: With Holi coming up next week, people are gearing up for festivities. However, rising cases of coronavirus scare have already faded the colors of the festival. Most of the people are skeptical about the joint celebrations. Recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced, he is all set to skip the Holi Milan function. Following his footsteps, many are already canceling their plans for colorful gathering. If you also wish to remain safe and enjoy the festival of colors, here is the guide.

Avoid travel

Try to celebrate Holi at your place. Stay where you are. Sighting the speedy spread of Covid-19 virus, it is suggested to avoid travel. Especially traveling in metro or train can lead to contraction of infection. Also try to finish your shopping before the markets get too crowded.

Socialize in Small Groups

Festival of colors is best known for its Holi Milan gatherings. Right from housing societies to individual homes, holi milan functions are a delight to attend. However, when cold weather is aiding the spread of coronavirus, it is better to avoid such gatherings. Those who still wish to organize a gathering, shall do it within a very close group.

No hugs no rubs

Rubbing colors on the faces of your friends and family is an iconic trend in Holi. But be safe this time. When we are already aware about the circumstances of coronavirus spread, do not get close to people while playing with colors. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid hugs. If you cannot resist playing Holi, then use water gun or Pichkari. A big no-no to rubs as it can end up you getting infected.

Keep away from

Not only coronavirus scare, this season is high time for other influenza. Always remember precaution is better than cure. In mid of festivities do not forget to keep distance with those who are suffering from any kind of flu. As you may not know whether it is coronavirus or not.

In case of infection

If you develop symptoms for any such infection, avoid being part of celebrations. Perhaps you need to keep yourself isolated. Celebrating festival is important but safety of your near and dear ones should remain your priority. As a result, celebrating Holi sitting at home and enjoying delicacies would be the best. Also do not forget to consult the doctor if you require.

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