Indian Railway New Rule is all set and Active from Today: Know details

From today onwards that is 11th October, the Indian railway new rule is all set to change the previous rules ok ticket booking. Now a passenger can book his or her ticket just 5 minutes before the train starts its journey. The reason behind this is the complete new decision of the Indian railway. They decided that they would bring back the pre-COVID system. For that, they will prepare the reservation chart for the second time. And they will do it just half an hour before the train leaves the station.

But the other thing which is must to mention that the passenger train service will not resume very soon. Due to the hike of the corona pandemic Indian Railway new rule has took this decision. But people from throughout India are still urging for normalizing the passenger train schedule. Keeping that on their mind, this national transporter has already presented some special trains.

Indian Railway new rule and regulations:

Here we will discuss the changes which will be applicable from today.

  1. After the first chart, there will also be a second reservation chart. Indian Railway will publish the second chart just 30 minutes before the train’s departure time. But this is nothing new. It was common before the COVID hit the country. But in the period of corona and lockdown, the Indian Railway only arranged some special trains.  They used to prepare the second reservation chart two long hours before the departure time.
  2. From today onwards, passengers will be able to book their seats even 5 minutes before the train leaves the station. Indian Railway is all set to bring back its pre-COVID regulations. And we already get to know about the second reservation chart preparation. From today the chart will get prepared within 30-5 minutes before the departure time. Passengers will be allowed to book their tickets in the meantime.
  3. Indian Railway new rule will prepare the first chart four hours before the train’s departure time. After that, if they find any vacant seats they will continue the booking process further. Passengers can book those tickets through the PRS (Passenger Reservation System) counter and online. They can access both but just before the second chart got ready. 
  4. If needed, passenger can cancel their ticket in this period following the refunding rules.
  5. Now people will be able to book their tickets from the platform and stations too. During the high time of the corona pandemic, passengers could only book their tickets through online. And the motto behind it was to avoid unnecessary crowding in the station. Along with this, the authority and government both wanted to discourage people from traveling if it was not extremely necessary.

Indian railways rules

New 39 trains for the festive season:

But even in the mid of the corona pandemic, Indian Railways presented many special trains for emergency travel. And they handled the whole situation perfectly. Now just before the Indian festive season, they are ready to start some other special trains throughout the country. The Indian railway board provided approval to several zones for the new 39 special trains. The ministry of the railway said that they will initiate this service as a special service from very soon. The new 39 trains which got approval from the board are mostly Duronto, Shatabdi, AC Express, and Rajdhani. The ministry also revealed that this service will begin very soon but the date of declaration is not finalized yet.


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