Lesser-known facts about Pankaj Tripathi aka ‘Kaleen Bhaiya’

Facts about Pankaj Tripathi – The much anticipated Amazon show Mirzapur’s second season is just around the corner. Along with the twists, the fans are also curious about the most loved character Kaleen Bhaiya’s game this time. ‘Kaleen Bhaiya’ plays a major role in the success of the crime show. His wicked plans to the way he speaks, it’s all worth gazing.

Undoubtedly, Kaleen’s personality is winning hearts but do you know that in real life also Pankaj Tripathi is a man who deserves a big salute. Without any background in Bollywood, Pankaj made a place among the top actors. Therefore, here we have listed down some lesser-known facts about Pankaj Tripathi.

Surprising facts about Pankaj Tripathi:

  • Pankaj belongs to a village Belsand in Bihar. He used to play a girl’s role in his Village Natak. Not only this but he even helped his father in farming during his school days. Also, after becoming such a famous personality, Pankaj supports the aspect of no work is big or small. He respects all kinds of employment and, stays humble. Tripathi values his hard-earned money and has been through some toughest phases of his life.
  • Till class 5th, Pankaj has studied under a tree. There was no infrastructure in his school. Thus, he often makes a statement that ‘His studies took place under the roof of nature’.
  • The inspiration behind Pankaj Tripathi is ace actor Manoj Bajpayee. He also belongs to his neighbouring village. Thus, when Manoj’s film Satya released, Pankaj got a push to do something big. And see where he stands now!

Pankaj Tripathi political journey:

  • The political spark in Pankaj Tripathi is not something new. He has been a part of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad during his college days. His contribution in raising voice against the state government did wonders.
  • The idea of becoming an actor became more strong when Pankaj’s father sent him to Patna for higher studies. Though his Dad wanted him to be a doctor but his passion in the acting field took him to another path.
  • Apart from being a farmer, Pankaj has also been a cook for 2 years. Later, he moved to Delhi and from there his important journey towards acting began. Pankaj grabbed a place in the National School of Drama and there his skills got more power and confidence. He got rejected twice by NSD but in the third attempt he made up to it.
  • Pankaj did not know Hindi before he took admission in a college in Patna. His mother tongue is Bhojpuri so, the language barrier was obvious. However, later on, the multi-talented actor learned it well.

Pankaj Tripathi Life, Family:

  • Pankaj found his love of life in a Train. After meeting each other they decided to get married. Even so, Pankaj’s family did not agree with his decision to love marriage. He did a lot of efforts and finally, his family gave approval to his choice. Presently, he is happily living with her and, shares a strong bond.
  • After graduating from NSD, he went back to Patna. His friend Bhanu’s call brought him to Mumbai. He went to Mumbai with Rs 46,000 in his pocket and his wife did teaching.
  • Pankaj did many small roles on screen but Gangs of Wasseypur gave him a big break. Pankaj got a new identity from this movie and, was widely praised. His acting and his presence in the film ended up as a huge success. After that, Pankaj came in the eyes of many Directors and, a lot of offers started coming his way.


  • Mostly his role as Gangsters got love and attention. It is always pleasing to see him essaying negative characters.
  • His work in the film Newton made his entry into Academy Award in the best foreign film category.
  • Pankaj not only rule hearts with his acting in films. He simply nailed his role in TV shows like Sarojini-EK Nayi Pahel and then how can we just forget his performance in Netflix’s original Sacred Games.
  • Gurgaon is his first film in which he got the lead role. He has also been a part of the Tamil movie ‘Kaala’. Still, Masaan remains his all-time favourite movie as an actor.
  • Pankaj Tripathi is proud of being a Bihari. In most of his interviews, he is spotted saying ‘Bihar Se Hai’! He loves his hometown and has a special corner for all the people from Bihar.

Well, these are some of the most interesting facts about Pankaj Tripathi aka ‘Kaleen Bhaiya’. He is truly an inspiration for all the strugglers who think that they cannot become a star in the glamorous world. The best part about Pankaj is, he believes in simple living and high thinking. In spite of being a great actor, his values for the place he is born in remains the same. The actor never loses courage and always manage to impress the audience. Hats off to him!

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