Makeup Tutorials- 10 useful makeup steps for Beginners

Makeup tutorials can help you know about the basic techniques to apply makeup. It is indeed very crucial for each and every girl. This is because basic makeup is required for every girl. It will make you look attractive and enhance your personality. But for a beginner, it seems to be a very difficult task to understand it. So let me help you in this regard through this article. Read it till the end and you will know about some basic products and steps to apply makeup if you are a beginner. 

Makeup tutorials- Products required for basic makeup

First let us know about some basic products which are required to start step by step makeup for beginners. These are divided into following categories-

1. Eye related products

Eyes are indeed the first noticeable thing in girls. So when makeup is applied, you must make it attractive. For this, you can try below eye products for makeup. 


Eyeshadow is a powder which you need to apply to eyelids. It comes in various shades and needs to be used according to a person’s complexion. Besides this, it is available in both shimmering and matte format. So you can use it depending on the occasion type.

2. Eyeliner

Eyeliner comes in the market in three forms- Liquid, Pencil and Gel. You can try any of them. But if you are a beginner, then it is suggested to start with a pencil one. This is because it is much easier to apply if you are using it first time. It gives an ultimately new look to your eyes and helps to increase eyes shape. 

3.Eyeshadow Primer 

This eye product is applied on eyes to support eye makeup and keep it intact for the day. They are very smooth product for the eyes and it is applied as per eye complexion. 

4.Makeup tutorials- Mascara

There are many girls with very thin lashes. So that is the point of using mascara. This is because this eye product is used to make eyelashes more thick and long. It enhances the thickness of your eyes and makes your eyes look more attractive. 

5.Eyebrow pencil

As the name indicates, this product is applied on eyebrows. These are used to make eyebrows look more beautiful. 

6. Eyebrow powder

This product is just similar to eyeshadow. So you can use eyeshadow in place of eyebrow powder. It is like powder like an eyeshadow which comes in different shades as per complexion. 

7.Eyebrow gel 

Eyebrow gel is normally used for eyebrows to keep them intact and smooth. You must use it if your eyebrows are too rough and not in proper form.

2.Makeup tutorials- Face and complexion related 


If you are a person with a fair or dark complexion, then it is one of the best products which you can use. This is because foundation is a powder which is applied to improve skin complexion. It is available in various different forms like Powder,Cream and liquid. You can try any 1 of these as per your choice. Besides this, it is also used to make your skin look more heavy. 


It is quite normal for girls to have dark spots on their face. This is due to age and also before age too. So for this, it is the best eye product. This is because it helps to hide all types of pimples, scars and dark spots. Besides concealing, it also has one other benefit. This benefit is that there are many concealers which also make your face look bright. These concealers are available in both dewy finish and matte look. 


This is another face product which is used in makeup and must part in makeup tutorials. Its work is just to support face makeup. That means by applying primer, it makes sure that your makeup stays intact for the whole day. This is because it helps in making a thin layer between your face and makeup. 

4. Blush and Bronzer

Like Foundation, Blush and Bronzer is available in various different forms- Powder, Liquid and cream. This product is used to enhance glow of your skin. Besides this, it also helps in accentuating cheekbones. That means it will show your cheekbones. But one thing you must remember that you must use with some powder. 

5.Highlighter and contour

This another product is also used to enhance glow of the face. These products make you look completely different. Highlighter, as the name indicates highlights or brightens the important face points. Besides this, Contour is used to bring forward the light in your face and adds dimension to the face. 

6. Brushes

Brushes are the basic necessity to apply different types of makeup products. They are available in various sizes, designs and structures. These are basically used depending upon type of makeup and complexion of girls. Besides this, there are also different types of makeup brushes for eyes, face and lips. 


It is not mainly a makeup product. But this is only used to moisturize skin before actual makeup is applied on face. 

3.Lip related products

Next thing to know about makeup is Lip related products. Let us know about them in the paragraph below. 


Lipstick is a lip related product which is available in various different colors and shades. Its most common forms are matte and liquid form. This is mainly used to make your lips look colorful. 

2.Lip primer

Lip primer functions just like Eye primer and primer. It is used to make lip makeup intact for the whole day. This is the most used product to make sure your lips don’t look dull.

3.Lip Gloss

As the name itself explains, lip gloss is the product which is used to provide gloss to the lips. Like other products, it is also available in various shades and colors. But one thing which you should keep in mind is that you must try it according to your lips color. 

4.Lip pencil 

It is the product which is used along with lipstick. This is because it has to be applied before you apply lipstick. It makes an outline to your lips which is later on filled by using Lipstick. 

Makeup tutorials- Step by step makeup for beginners

Now after knowing about makeup products, let us know the basic makeup steps for beginners – 

1.Cleaning face and apply moisturizer

First step in various steps to apply makeup for beginners is face cleaning. It is a very important and crucial step before you apply makeup. This is because cleaning helps to remove already present dirt on the skin. After cleaning, you must apply moisturizer on the face to prepare your skin for makeup. Besides this, you must keep in mind to apply light moisturizer. 

2.Makeup tutorials- Primer

As discussed above, primer is applying to keep makeup intact. So you must apply it in the second step of makeup. For applying primer, you must remember few things. You can apply it with your fingers itself, but it is suggested to apply it using a sponge or a brush. Besides this, you must apply if finely starting from your face, then cheeks, after that forehead and chin.


Next in the step by step makeup for beginners is to apply foundation. It must be applied according to your face complexion. You can apply it with fingers or brush. But you must take a small amount and spread evenly on your face.


Then concealer is applied on skin to remove dark spots and scars. So apply it finely on the face on the areas which have scars, dark spots and scars. 

5. Foundation or setting powder

Next in the list of makeup steps for beginners is foundation or setting powder. You need to apply it to make your complexion look flawless and not cakey. 

6.Highlight and contour

Both these products are used to provide more glow to the face. Besides this, it highlights the skin areas which require more glow. Contour on the other hand, brightens the face. 

7.Makeup tutorials- Applying bronzer and blush

You can use a blusher of the type which will suit your face complexion. It is mainly used to show your cheekbones and highlight them. 

8.Eye primer and eye shadow

After face makeup, comes the turn of eye makeup. For this, first start with eye primer to keep eyes makeup intact. Then apply eye shadow on the eye lids with a brush as per complexion. 

9.Eye liner, mascara

This is the next step in the eye makeup steps for beginners. Now apply eyeliner as per the ocassion, choice and eyes. Then curl your eyes as per your desired shape. Last step is to apply mascara to make them more thick. 

10.Lip makeup

For lip makeup, first apply lip pencil and then fill it with lipstick. Besides this, if you want glossy lips, then you can try Lip gloss. Otherwise, it is not necessary. 

Makeup tutorials- Conclusion

In the above discussion, I have thoroughly discussed about makeup tutorial for beginners step by step. I just hope it will help to understand simple makeup steps for beginners. 










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