Motion Sickness: A Petty illness that Causes Life Long Discomfort  

New Delhi, February 15, 2020:  Motion Sickness often known as travel sickness is a common illness suffered by many. It would be wrong to call it a disease rather, it’s a condition. Moreover, it leads to discomfort while traveling which includes dizziness and vomiting. Though is a petty ailment despite that, it results in lifelong suffering. Sea Sickness is also a variant of the same condition.

Motion is the villain

It is the common disturbance of the inner ear. The repeated motion of a vehicle results in such a disturbance. The motion can be caused by the movement of automobiles, airplane or ships. According to a study, 3D movies can also make people feel sick.


The human brain senses motion through different pathways. These pathways go through eyes, inner ears and the tissues of the body surface. When we move of our own, all these pathways are well coordinated with the brain. Whereas, when the vehicle is in motion we move unintentionally. In such a condition the brain starts receiving conflicting messages and ends up making us feel sick.

For Instance

While moving in a vehicle we look out of the window. Therefore, inner ears and skin receptors sense forward movement while eyes remain static. It is concluded that these conflicting messages to the central nervous system cause sickness.


The symptoms of motion sickness may differ from person to person. The common indicators include nausea, vomiting, pallor. Also, it causes dizziness, drooling, short of breath and drowsiness. Most people feel discomfort and headache which are the initial triggers. In a few cases, its symptoms can last in days.

This may help

Most of the time this illness is self-treatable. Though, a few chronic cases may require proper medical attention and treatment. There are a few remedies that may even help. For example, keeping eyes closed during travel can prove beneficial. Along with that, chewing may also ease the discomfort. It has been found that Ginger has properties to cure the condition. So chewing fresh ginger on its tablets can make a person feel better.

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