Must-Have Foods if you are visiting West Bengal

Let me warn you that there are many more foods items in Bengal to die for than just the mishti-doi and rosogolla.

1.Jhal Muri- Made up of puffed rice, tossed is mustard oil and spices. With toppings of roasted lentils and coconut. The Jhal-Muri of Dakre Street in Kolkata  has been declared as the best street food in the world by WHO. Can be called the Bengali version of Bhel.

  1. Kathi-Rolls- Head to New Market or Nizams in Kolkata, (west bengal famous dish) if you want to enjoy this delicacy of juicy kebabs wrapped around a roti.
  2. Patishapta: Head to Nakur Chandra Dey at Hedua to enjoy this sweet dish made up of a batter of rice with coconut bits and stuffed with khoya
  3. Kosha Mangsho: Visit Gol-Bari in Shyam Bazaar to taste drool worthy mutton richly cooked with onion-garlic paste, spices and yoghurt.
  4. Sorshe-Ilish: Deep fried Hilsa fish cooked in rich mustard sauce and fresh green chillies. Head to Kasturi Restaurant to taste this delicacy.
  5. Mochar Ghonto: An authentic Bengali vegetarian dish made with banana flower, crushed coconut, bay leaves and cumin seeds. Best served at Aaheli.
  6. Daab-Chingri: Sample the jumbo prawns marinated with spices and cooked with tender coconut water at Oh! Calcutta.
  7. Aloo Posto: Diced potatoes cooked in mustard oil and poppy seeds. That’s what Sunday afternoon vegetarian lunch stands for. Best availed at 6 Ballygunj Place.
  8. Sandesh: Now this is something (west bengal famous dish) Bengal is famous for. Try out the detectable sweets made out of milk and khoya. Visit Nakur and Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick to taste the best Bengali Sweets.
  9. Aam-Pora Sherbet: Visit Paramounts in College Street Kolkata to quench your thirst with this refreshing drink made of burnt mango, chilled water and sugar.

If you are in Bengal, it is a sin if you do not treat your taste buds with these delightful dishes.

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