Shaheen Bagh Protest A Mutating New Age Trend

New Delhi, January 19, 2020: Citing their concerns and fear on CAA and NRC thousands of people are staging protest at Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh. The protest that started from December 14 is showcasing an emerging trend in the style of agitation that has emerged lately. The mutations are clearly visible. Right from innovative techniques to attract the attention, protesters are setting up an an evolving trend of human emotions.

Stage for Discussion

It would be wrong to say that protest at Shaheen Bagh is completely based on anti-India sentiments and anger. Rather it has open-heartedly welcomed the healthy discussions on CAA-NRC.  It is allowing people to express their views irrespective of their orientations. Students, volunteers and celebrities are speaking up their minds. The agitation is providing room for intellectual interactions.

Setting the examples of Solidarity

January 19, on the anniversary of the exodus of Kashmiri Pundits from Kashmir, the protesters expressed their solidarity with the victims. It is therefore evident that the style of protest is getting mature and responsible. The message is loud and clear, they are not only fighting for their own cause but also clearly expressing the wrong done to others.

No Visible leaders

Earlier protests were driven by the leaders. The word of the leader was no less than the Gospel for his followers. However, there is no visible leader at Shaheen Bagh Protests. Perhaps this is the reason why police is finding it difficult to resolve the mass agitation. No leaders to talk means police can’t negotiate or convince the protesters to end up the agitation.

Communal Harmony

A group of Sikh men from Punjab who are part of a farmers’ union have set up a langar to provide fresh food to the protesters. The leaderless agitation is supported by volunteers, students and locals. They are helping them with food, medicine and other amenities.

Innovative Insights

Men, women and children at the protest have urged the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to visit them. They have asked the PM to meet them so that they can sit together at ‘Chai pe Charch’ and can resolve the issue. To convey the message they have designed the post cards. These were written in Hindi, Urdu and English.

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