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We all are done with bidding farewell to 2019. The new year is here with new beginnings. However, we all noticed unexpected ups and downs this year. But as the saying goes all well if the end is well, we are about to share something about 2019. In other words, for ensuring your comfort in the side of the passing year, below is the list of Top 5 real change makers  of the world. Therefore, cheers and take a long sigh because these heroes have managed to bring amazing change on the global level in 2019.

Temi Mwale, Uk London

Setting new targets as a social entrepreneur Temi Mwale is an absolute change maker of last year. She is the official founder of the 4Front project. Right from the year of 2012, she is empowering generations in order of standing against violence. For instance,people like Temi are converting this world into a safer place. The respective organizing is gaining a lot of appropriate attention to this marvelous purpose. Above all, now we are all learning how to fight with violence.

Chris Studer, Ontario Canada


Given roots to get REAL movement, Chris just redefined the standards of homophobic languages. At the current time, he is assisting get REAL NGO as a founding member, fundraiser and speaker. Chris has admitted his presence in TEDx too. Similarly, he has changed the perspective of social work.  In addition, Chris is reflecting the power pack image of present youth. His journey is motivating multiple lives on the International front.

Samiha Siddique, Bangladesh

Samiha Siddique is the change maker of 2019. She is 20 years old young lady and  still dedicatedly serving for bringing a revolution in the field of education and health.Pursuing   her BBA she has managed to be a part of leading projects based on child begging, hunger and hygiene. There is no doubt that Samiha is weaving happiness for countless needy individuals. Overlapping the landscape of femininity girls like Samiha are strengthening the picture of women’s empowerment.

Rajendra Singh, India

Belonging to Alwar district of Rajasthan, Rajendra Singh is also popular as the Waterman of India. He has achieved several international prices for his spectacular deeds of water management. In addition,the efforts of his NGO named Tarun Bharat Sangh is working incredibly in the stream of environmental conservation. The milestones of Rajendra Singh made 2019 truly memorable. Becoming the protector of water this person has established unique goals of humanity for all.

Jacob Pearce, Melbourne Australia

Jacob Pearce has emerged as a savior in the year 2019. Reportedly suicide is the biggest reason for deaths in Australia. After that, Jacob took his decision of grabbing betterment in the section of mental health. The factor of saving teenagers from the havoc of mental sickness Jacob founded a community called ALIVE. In Australia, Alive is one of the most successful communities. A number of folks on a global basis are coming forward to support ALIVE.

In conclusion, all the above mentioned great individuals have added the real spark to 2019. With the hope of witnessing more and more such magicians, let’s look ahead towards 2020.


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