These Cursed Paintings Can Give You Nightmares

New Delhi, February 1, 2020: Art is meant to inspire, to enlighten but not necessarily every art work can have same impact on human mind.  For these may seem intriguing initially but can turn out to be the worst nightmares for the owners and the onlookers. Here we are unfolding the bitter truth about the paintings which are considered to be haunted and can mess up with your mind.

 The Anguished Man

Dating back to 1970s the Anguished Man tops the chart of the scariest painting in the world. It is believed that a depressed painter dipped the brush into his own blood and created this weird piece of art and afterwards he committed suicide. Since then this painting remains haunted. Somehow the painting came in possession of Englishman Sean Robinson who reported strange presence all over his house. It also led to the mishaps to his family. Presently the original copy of painting is locked in a hidden location by Robinson.

 Untitled Scary Painting

According to the beliefs, merely looking at this painting for long can cause death. As per the stories the artist channelized all his energies to create a pattern near to life and death. Soon after completing the painting he lost his wife. Thereafter his son committed suicide and he also got murdered.

Man Proposes, God Disposes

As the name suggests, painting means that people make plans but their success depends upon the approval by God. It is 1864 oil on canvas painting by Edwin Landseer. The work was inspired by the search of a lost expedition which vanished in the arctic after 1845. It shows scattered remains of the expedition and polar bears lurking. The painting is considered bad omen. There is rural myth that say, a student sitting in exams in the 1920-30s stabbed a pencil into his eye, and wrote “The polar bears made me do it” on to his exam paper. Since then there is college tradition in Canada that requires covering up the painting with union flag during examinations. In case of non fulfillment of the custom it believed that the students can fail the examinations.

Crying Boy

The painting has a very unique kind of eeriness associated with it. The Italian artist had created 60 such pieces, all of which are said to attract fire. As per the incident reported people give account of the painting causing fire in their houses but it remained untarnished by the destruction. In one such incident when firefighters reached to the burned remains of the houses they found the unaffected series of the painting.


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