These Skin Disasters you must Avoid

New Delhi,  2020: Everyone aspires for healthy radiant skin. However, our efforts to achieve the same don’t match the expectations. We keep looking for remedies and try different products yet results turn futile. Have you ever thought why our Skin Disasters troubles continue for years? Perhaps it is because we keep repeating a few mistakes over and again.

Dealing with acne

The most common problem faced by people is acne. Irrespective of the age and gender they can be a real hassle. Even though this dermatological nightmare is associated with adolescence but there can various factors stimulating it. They can occur due to oily skin, stress, hormonal imbalance or menstrual cycle. Mild acne can be treated by popular home remedies. On the contrary, severe acne require medical attention.

Popping up blackheads

These little bumps are caused by clogged up hair follicles. They tend to appear on the nose, forehead and chin. Getting rid of blackhead is a difficult task. They keep returning again and again. We all try to pop them out. As a result, it spreads bacteria even more. Therefore, use clay mask. Do not forget to remove your makeup.

Overexposure on Sun

The right amount of sunlight gives you a golden glow. However, a little more can harm your skin which is referred to as Sunburn. You may have noticed the redness of the skin after being several hours in the sun. Furthermore, in more serious cases, blistering can occur. Extreme sunburns can be painful to the point of debilitation and may require hospital care. Though, you can mostly avoid sunburn only just by using a good sunscreen. You just need to choose a water-resistant formula with SPF of at least 30. Apply it at least 15 minutes before exposing yourself to direct sunlight.


When the Skin Disasters produces more melanin the condition is referred to as hyperpigmentation. These results in spots or patches of skin appear darker than surrounding areas. Regardless to the age and gender, the condition occurs in most of people. It can affect face, arms, and legs. We can avoid this condition by not going in the sun. Simultaneously, one needs to avoid scratching pimples and scars. In a few cases, hyperpigmentation can be the result of some serious illness.


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