Tik Tok engagement and earning know details here

Tik Tok, earlier known as musically has become one of the fastest-growing apps. You all might have heard about it or seen some short videos of people lip-syncing. However, now it is a platform for making memes, sharing fashion video, ideas, dance and acting skills. It has 15-60 seconds of videos but more than 500 million users in the entire world.

It is not wrong to say that the founder of Tik Tok Zhang Yimming’s app is ruling the internet world currently. In fact, it has become a platform to create memes and vines in fact it is really popular among youth these days.

Tik Tok is a startup by company Byte Dance in China, headed by Zhang Yimming.



We know there are people who make these short videos and earn money out of it once the content gets viral. They get to connect with different brands and sponsors. There is a certain amount of followers they need to get these perks.


The question is how does Tik Tok earn money when someone uploads a video.

Tik Tok earns by the app-in purchase which is generally coins ranging from 100 for $0.99 reaching 10,000 for $99.99. Next is advertising avenues, yes it generates revenues by running ads. Another way is the subscription model.

Do remember some of these strategies are not in running right now but there is a large probability they might use these techniques as well in the coming future.


Tik Tok never pays its users directly. There are different ways through which Tik Tok users earn money. The first way is through live streaming. People who are watching the live streaming video gift coins to the creators. To get these coins from the user your content need to be worthy enough. These are digital gifts which can be redeemed in real cash.

If you are popular enough, brands will contact you and pay you directly or indirectly for advertising their products. These influencers generate money through sponsorships. Just like any other social media platform they go for commercial deals for promoting songs and other products.

Apart from it, they can merchandise their own products and do affiliated marketing as well. In fact, famous influencers appear as a special guest to events which add more income.

If you have a high fan base and greater engagement, bigger brands will love to collaborate with you. Tik Tok has become a whole new platform for the youth and many other creators. It is one of the most trending market and place to gain fame and money.

While filming or creating content you need to take care of a few things and terms and services. A great tussle and virtual war is going on between YouTube creators and Tik Tok influencers.

If you have the talent and want to create really good content both the platforms work for you. It depends on how you use them and create content out of them. What matters is the engagement and organic audience that you have. Don’t forget, content is the king.

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