10 Unique Women Travel Vloggers You Must Follow

Have you noticed how women travel vloggers are ruling social media and giving us some major travel goals? The Internet has allowed us to travel any corner of the world staying at home without stepping out of your cozy bed. Credit goes to the travel vloggers who give their best to create perfect travel vlogs. They cover everything from different places, people, their food, culture to travel tips and destination information in their vlogs. They present their travel story blending in humor and quirk at times. These travel vlogs capture the essence of life. Besides men vloggers, women vloggers are also doing their job amazingly. Here, we shall tell you about some amazing women travel vloggers who have impressed us with their work.

10 women travel vloggers you must follow:

Now, let’s talk about those women travel vloggers whom you should not miss the following! Let’s check-

Hey Nadine:

Nadine Sykora, who is great for travel-related advice, has 49,2000 subscribers on YouTube. She has a YouTube channel named Hey Nadine and her vlogs are full of varieties. Sometimes she lets us follow her while traveling to the cities and sometimes she gives tips to avoid mistakes while traveling. Whether you are a rookie or seasoned, you will always get useful tips from her. As she is full of life, you will feel energized while watching her vlogs. Nadine has been traveling for 10 years. And after these 10 long years and 55 countries, now she can build her own guide on traveling. A fun blend of fashion, food, comedy, tips, and hacks, and destinations, her channel always brings together the core aspects of travelling.

Women Travel Vloggers

TJ Lee:

TJ Lee, who is one of the cutest women travel vloggers, has more than 40,0000 subscribers on her YouTube channel ‘CupofTJ. They say that the way to the heart is through the stomach. TJ Lee proves that right. Besides creating vlogs on her travel adventure, she focuses on food too. Her contents are really quirky and refreshing. She is so energetic and always dives into some strange activities such as knife massages, transformation into Lolita girls, and trying foods of different places. If you want to know about the food from different countries, Lee’s food tour will help you.

Brooke Saward:

One of the famous bloggers on the internet, Brooke Saward also vlogs her adventure for YouTube. Her contents are clean, raw, and unfiltered. This Australian travel vlogger is a full-time traveler and literally likes to live out of a suitcase. She has written three books. This 28 years female vlogger started writing about her previous trips and now she gets paid to travel. You need to watch her vlog on this topic to know more. You can also learn how to make travel vlogs from her videos from her channel named Brooke Saward. This channel has 82.1K followers. Moreover, her vlogs are simply informative and enjoyable for those who truly wish to get an inside peek into different destinations. She said that she started blogging to inspire young people to travel solo. The blog ‘World of Wanderlust’ by Brooke Saward gives us major travel goals.

Raya Encheva:

Raya Encheva is a travel and lifestyle vlogger. She seeks magic in everything while exploring the world. She can brighten up your day with her fun-filled content. There are more than 18,7000 people who subscribe to her YouTube channel ‘RayaWasHere‘. She collaborates with so many popular vloggers such as Casey Neistat to make more interesting vlogs. Her positive attitude catches everyone’s attention. Raya spreads positivity whilst talking about her adventure and giving fellow travelers tips. She lived a fully nomadic life with just carry-on belongings for four years. Now you can imagine how passionate she is about traveling. You will love her lifestyle vlogs as well. Her partner Louis Cole is also crazy about travel adventure and they together make an awesome travel couple.

Women Travel Vloggers

Janni Deler:

Janni Deler is a travel and lifestyle vlogger from Stockholm, Sweden. Currently, she lives in Monaco. As she has a huge interest in fashion, she also shares personal stuff and makes her vlogs worth watching. She even shared her pregnancy journey with all and recently announced that she is going to be a mom again. The name of her channel is Janni Olsson Deler which is quite popular among all amassing more than 39,0000 subscribers. Her luxury travel vlogs make others get envy. These vlogs are always packed with fun and you will get excited to see the travel vlogs to exotic places.

Jennelle Eliana:

Jennelle Eliana is just 21 years old and a successful YouTuber gaining 2.44 million subscribers in less than a year. She is so young yet unique. She is currently living in her 1995 GMC Vandura van and explores the world. Her success was a hot topic on the internet. But Eliana continues her work and grows her channel by creating super cool content on a van tour.

Jennelle Eliana

Christianne Risman: women travel vloggers

Christianne Risman runs a YouTube channel named Backpacking Bananas. The name of the channel is not only funny but catchy to click. You might think about this strange name on her channel. But once you watch her videos, you will realize that it completely makes sense. This channel gathered 120000+ subscribers and no doubt her travel adventure will amaze you. This British YouTube star is very passionate about traveling at this young age and you will understand this when you will be watching her vlogs.

Alyshia Ford: women travel vloggers

The author of the book ‘Where Is She?’, Alyshia Ford is a travel bug. She has her own YouTube channel ‘Psychotraveller‘ with more than 200000 subscriptions. She makes travel and lifestyle vlogs adding her own experience and personal stuff what makes her content better than others. There are lots of videos on her adventure as she travels to various countries. She helps people with tips, and also introduces her viewers to the food, culture, and architecture of different countries. But she also has made many videos stepping out of the travel vlogging space. Alyshia made videos on the best travel books to read and did fun challenges on building a route. She also explained about expense reviews on international trips. Except for these, she truly captures every angle of a tour. To get more helpful information you must follow her.

Alyshia Ford
Alyshia Ford

Eva Zu Beck: 

America, France, Italy, Australia – these travel destinations are now a cliché. Travel vlogger Eva Zu Beck adds more outstanding destinations to the list after traveling to 60 countries. Now she is one of the famous women travel vloggers amassing more than 700000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. After watching her vlogs on YouTube you will feel that she is truly passionate about traveling. She started her vlogging journey in a Taliban territory with a local family. Eva Zu Beck spent 10 months in Pakistan to explore that country in every aspect. She always chooses some off-bit destinations to explore and that is why people love her contents.

Christiane Kaaloa: women travel vloggers

Picturesque landscape views, fun experiences are what you expect while watching a travel vlog. Have you thought about the difficulties of nomadic life? American travel vlogger Christine Kaaloa is the one who shows all these in her vlogs. Her honesty is the best part of her videos. This one of the most famous women travels vloggers has never hidden any bad experience and clears all the doubts of traveling to new places. She is a solo traveler who loves adventure in her life. Her YouTube Channel ‘GRRRTRAVELER‘ has more than 1.50 lakh subscribers.

Christiane Kaaloa
Christiane Kaaloa


If you want to know about the world, learn something new every day, or want tips before planning a tour, travel vlogs are always there for you. Vloggers are making new videos to keep you updated. If you follow their channels, traveling will be easy when you plan. Otherwise, you can have a virtual tour with them and the fun filled vlogs of the travel vloggers will definitely make your day.

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