Going green- Here are 15 Easy ways in which it can be done


Going green can be said as the need of the hour. No wonder if we relate it to the Corona pandemic. This is because the corona pandemic is the only result of environmental deterioration. Humans have become so careless about environmental protection that they are continuously exploiting it. They are cutting trees for constructing buildings, plastic use is on the rise and rivers are being polluted. As a result, all this is causing environmental disturbance and leading to ecological imbalance. 

So there is a crucial need to think about environmental protection. For this, you must adopt some ways to prevent it. Also the best thing about environmental protection is that it also saves money. So let us know some ways which will help in saving money plus leading to environmental protection. 

1.Going green- Unplug electrical appliances when not in use

First and the easiest way to go green is to unplug electrical appliances when not in use. It can be done by unplugging the charger/laptop when it is not in use, switching off fans, tube lights and AC when you are not in the room. These simple ways can help in unnecessary wastage of electricity. 

2.Reduction of plastic use

Second way to go green is to reduce plastic use. Here plastic means the single use plastic which is referred to. Single use plastic is something which can’t be recycled again. Here the stress is being given to this because of the reason that whenever plastic is burned, the fuels it emits is harmful to the environment and cause pollution. Also these gases are harmful for humans too. 

3.Planting trees

Requirement of oxygen is the need of the hour. This is because it can be easily seen that the need for fresh oxygen is increasing nowadays. So planting trees is the best option for environmental protection. This will indeed not cost you anything but can be a blessing for each and every human. Oxygen level can be increased by this activity. As a result, you can save your life by just planting trees and saving the environment. 

4.Going green- Going paperless

It is a known fact to everyone that to make paper millions of trees are cut down. This leads to reduction of trees and as a result reduces the oxygen level in the environment. It is because we humans are so selfish that we cut trees for our benefit but not plant as many trees as we cut down. So in this regard, we should try to reduce use of paper in cases where it can be avoided. Also another way is planting as many trees as we cut down to make paper. 

5.Try to use both paper sides

Continuing from the above point, there is one way to be added. It is seldom noticed that people use only 1 side of paper and keep the other side blank. This is also wastage of paper. So you must try to use both sides of paper as a way for going green and for environmental protection. 

6.Going green- LED bulbs

Bulbs emit a very high amount of energy. Since energy is a non-renewable resource. So you must try to use LED bulbs in place of standard bulbs. This is because LED bulbs are something which emits very less amount of energy and as a result leads to environmental protection. Hence you can use this another way for going green. 

7.Use energy efficient appliances

Besides using LED bulbs, you must also use more energy efficient appliances. For this, you must buy AC, Fridge, Inverter and any other electrical appliances in a much cautious way. You must choose an electrical appliance which emits very less energy and is energy efficient. 

8.Try using recycled products

Above other methods, you can try this another way for going green. You must try to use products which can be recycled further. This will lead to environmental protection since it will not emit any harmful gases when they are burned. 

9.Going green- Take your own carry bag while going out

Whenever you go out for groceries or any other items, shopkeepers will generally put them into plastic bags. Plastic bags are again something which can’t be recycled. So as a step to protect environment, you must try to avoid taking these plastic bags. For this, you must carry your own bag while you go out to purchase anything. 

10.Shift to organic items

Now many businesses has started manufacturing organic products. These are prepared from materials which cause less or negligible impact on the environment. So you must make it a habit to shift to organic items whenever you are purchasing something. Once you make it a habit, it will part of your daily routine. This will help as a result in protecting environment and improving your life in a better way. 

11.Use public transport and pooling

You can even try to use public transport and pooling for going to offices. This will help in saving much petrol and since petrol is a non renewable resource. So you must try to opt for this method for going green. This will also help to save the environment plus will save money. 

12.Going green- Try shifting to electric vehicles

Continuing from the last point, let us consider one more method. This method is to shift to electric vehicles instead of using vehicles which uses petrol to run. It is because this method will greatly help in protecting our environment and going green. Electric vehicles are a new trend now a days and due to its benefits in protecting environment, government is also trying to support this initiative. 

13.Use cold water if possible

It is totally true that there are various activities for winters which requires hot water. But you must try to avoid using hot water where it can be avoided. Also in summers, you must try mostly to use cold water for various activities. This is because hot water leads to much electricity consumption.  

14.Use eco friendly items

As far as possible, you must try to use eco friendly products. This is because it will help in environmental protection as eco friendly products are such that which are prepared by causing less harm to environment. Business are also taking this initiative to prepare eco friendly items in the time of need. So you must support it and try to increase using eco friendly products. 

15.Going green- Other simple ways

Besides above ways, you may opt for below ways for going green-

  • Try putting computers and electrical appliances off when not using it.
  • Shift to alternative items which cause less environmental pollution.
  • Try to read digital books in place of physical books, if available.
  • You must change your thermostat at frequent times.
  • Use CNG more in place of petrol for running cars. 
  • Try to reduce water and energy consumption as far as possible.
  • Starting organic garden where organic farming can be done is also a good way for going green.


Now at last, I will just say that Environment protection is in favor of both nature and humans. As it will keep harmony between both. This harmony will lead to their wellbeing and keep them alive. So I would suggest you all to adopt these ways in your daily life. 


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