Why Coronavirus Vaccine is Still a Long Shot

New Delhi, January 29: With coronavirus outbreak racing to become a global epidemic, experts are still clueless about what they are up against. With recent cases emerging in India, Germany and Saudi Arab Pharmaceutical companies are racing against time to develop effective cure. Meanwhile, Hong Kong has revealed that they have already developed the vaccine but it won’t be ready for use until a year. Is it actually possible to develop a vaccine in such a short span of time? We dig deep to find the answers.

Scientists still not working on a particular strain

Before the outbreak they did not know that this particular strain can cause an outbreak that’s why experts were clueless. They were working on its near related viruses like MERS and SARS. Though this is the third outbreak of coronavirus family but the current one is the newest strain.

Vaccine development is a complex procedure

The Procedure involves designing the ingredients of the vaccine. For instance developing accurate antigens, viral proteins that are targeted by immune system are vital. That task is possible only when scientist are sure about that particular strain.

Clinical trials

It is certainly not a Herculean task to develop a vaccine for coronavirus within months. However the greatest challenge is onto performing its clinical trials. Clinical trials include testing a vaccine on various animals that are affected with the virus. Thereafter, monitoring the results, which may or may not turn favorable. If the results are positive then only it can be test on humans. The whole process will take at least a year.

Mutation a Challenge

While scientists are leaving no stone unturned for developing vaccine for the current outbreak, virus can possibly mutate. Mutation means virus can change its structure over a period of time and can develop into a new strain. In such a condition the vaccine for the current strain can become ineffective. As a result, the whole process may go in vain.

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