Women Sexual Issues-Causes and Dysfunction

It’s a kind of irony when an Indian looks at
you with suspicious looks the moment you
utter the word “ SEX” when we are
leading with 2 nd position in terms of
population wise. The pressure to
reproduce as early as possible after the
marriage had happened is a very common
scenario in every Indian household. In
case the couple is not able to conceive
child and then again all the fingers get
pointed to female and male is safe corned
as if it’s only the female responsibility to
bring child in this world. Alas the
problems and issues pertaining to sex are
least cared or even bothered about. For
Indians the process of sex or say ultimate
goal of sex is to reproduce children rather
than considering it as an activity of
pleasure that can stimulate a healthy
bond between the partners. Least the only

women sexual issuses

thing that is gradually changing slowly is
our perspective towards sex where the
youth and liberal thinking people have
came up in open and have started talking
about sex and problems associated with it
and have sparked a kind of social move
that seeks catering to the sexual needs
and right of the person. This transition is
helping in removing the taboo and stigma
associated to sex. It is silence over sex that
needs to be broken about. Everyone
agrees upon the fact that both the
genders face the sexual problems but it is
women who suffer more thanks to Indian
patriarchal society who have always seen
girls and women as something that are
meant to only to obey the male and
doesn’t have a voice of their own.
Here we are going to discuss some
intimate issues of women that are less

talked about in the society and have many
misconceptions associated with it that
need an immediate solution in order live a
healthy sex life.
If you ever turn up the newspapers
classified the ads of curing men sexual
issues will be flooded all over but there
will be hardly any ad that claims or give
solution of curing female sexual issues.
Even in general masses be it male or
female you can identify or name few male
sexual disease easily for example
ejaculations problems, erectile
dysfunction, premature ejaculations and
countless but you can’t even name a
single female sexual disease. The reason
behind it is just simple and straight
forward that our patriarchal society only
talks and discuss issues that are
pertaining to male whereas females issues

be it in any category has been always
been side cornered. So a mind setup has
been fixed around that females don’t have
the sexual quotient, sexual desire and
they don’t face any sexual issues. Also a
misconception that is commonly existed in
our Indian society is that women are least
interested in sex and doesn’t have any
sexual drive which is in reality totally
wrong and a person believing on such
things need to get their facts checked
upon. This the major reason because of
which women doesn’t share and come up
in open about any sexual issue faced by
them as otherwise they will be termed
ethically wrong and will be looked upon
with suspicious eyes and labelled with a
tag of lust for sex which is not expected
from women in India.

Many believe that women sexual organs
are not outside as compared to the
anatomy of male sexual organs so it’s a
accepted that women won’t suffer from
any Sexual issue. One major wrong
upbringing of our Indian society is that sex
is an activity that is done to fulfill the
desire and hunger of male and the only
role of women in whole sex process is to
provide sexual pleasure to his male
partner. We Indians have made women
limited to just an object which have to be
used for our own benefit. So naturally
now Indians are finding hard to digest the
term “ orgasm” that is meant to cater and
fulfill the sexual desire of women. It will
be not a surprise if you get to know that
Indians women are unaware of the term
orgasm. It shall take a long road and time
for Indians women to understand and

fight against all odds for their own right be
it any sphere of life.
Women do suffer from sexual issues like
painful intercourse, lack of orgasm and
moisture, inability to get aroused and
many such more. They try to find solutions
on internet or may discuss it with their
closest person but for sure not even 10%
women turn up to gynaecologist for the
treatment for obvious reasons of being
shy to ask such questions and fear of
getting labelled with tag of lust for sex.
Chances are your character shall be
questioned upon.
Thus like all other health issues the
person’s sexual health need to be cared
about to lead a healthy sex life. We need
to admit the fact that there is a sexual
issue named “ Women sexual

dysfunction”. According to gynaecologist
there is a sexual response cycle which
means if the other partner is trying to
arouse you but you feel no sensation. It
can happen to any female. You can easily
identify by symptoms such as lack of
desire in sex, pain during intercourse, no
orgasm and lack of moisture in vagina.
This can also happen if the female is
suffering from medical disorder such as
diabetes, heart problem, hormonal issue.
Creating awareness about such issues is
more important so that females don’t
suffer from such issues and can share
their problem fearlessly without being
judged upon.

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