Ye Jawani Hai Deewani Full Movie Download

Ye Jawani Hai Deewani Full Movie Download: Ye Jawani Hai Deewani is one of the best movies for youth in India. It is full of adventure, love, craziness, friendship, and unending fun with friends. The spectacular locations, snowy treks, beautiful destinations and the fun gang of the movie inspired many of us to pack our bags and let that adrenaline gush flow in our bodies.

Ye Jawani Hai Deewani Movie Details

U/A: Romance, Drama, Musical

Director: Ayan Mukherjee

Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Kalki Koechlin, Aditya Roy Kapoor

Production: Dharma Productions

Music by: Pritam

YJHD Release Date: 31st May 2013

Ye Jawani Hai Deewani Full Movie Download

YJHD Characters

Naina Talwar (Deepika Padukone) is an introvert and a bit reserved girl. She is pursuing her studies in medical sciences and is an excellent student. She is quite shy and is often seen praying in the movie.

Kabir Thapar aka Bunny (Ranbir Kapoor) is passion following, allergic to marriage, afraid of commitment, and has no interest in ever settling down. He is forever flirting and engaged with pretty ladies in the movie.

Aditi Mehra (Kalki Koechlin) is a lioness and the most fun-loving. She has a secret crush on Avinash Arora aka Avi (Aditya Roy Kapoor) who has no money. Both of these characters are equally interesting but their background details have not been shown in the movie.

In the movie, Ranbir and Deepika’s characters are diametrically opposite with their core and interests entirely different. While Ranbir plays the character of a lost boy who loves travelling and roams around for soul-searching, Deepika plays the character of a reserved girl who never travelled alone and their love story is portrayed in YJHD. The movie revolves around Ranbir and Deepika’s love story and a fun trip of 4 best friends.

YJHD Story

The movie starts with the most iconic scene of DDLJ where Naina is about to miss her train and Bunny is already standing at the gate of the train to hold her hand. However, the only difference is that she doesn’t have to take permission from Bauji to live her life.

Frustrated with studying medicine and her parents’ lectures, Naina decides to join her long lost school friends on a trip to Manali. On the trip, Naina falls for Bunny but sadly, he friendzone her. Bunny just knows how to follow his passion and chase his dreams and doesn’t run behind money. Also, in a scene, he says,” Paisa hath ki mail ki tarah hota hai”. (Money is nothing)

In the movie, the scenes revolve around the Manali trip with splendid views and echo points on high altitudes. Along with picturesque scenery, the movie gives Tomorrowland kinda vibes. Then Bunny leaves for Chicago for his further studies.

Cut to 8 years later, everyone gets together for Aditi’s wedding. And the scene is still considered one of the most iconic in the history of Bollywood. The scene starts with the song Badtameez Dil and the bride doesn’t enter the wedding hall until Kabira plays.

However, a change in characters can be seen after 8 years. Naina becomes more outgoing and carefree, takes her glasses off and becomes more beautiful. Bunny is ready for commitment but obviously not with his Dilli Wali Girlfriend. Aditi is getting married but not with Avi but with a more loving person (Taran Khanna). And lastly, Avi has become a drunk and gambling addict with dark clouds of loans and debts over his head.

Ye Jawani Hai Deewani Dialogues

Some of the most popular dialogues of Ye Jawani Hai Deewani are:

“ Main udna chahta hun, daudna chahta hun. Girna bhi chahta hun. Bas, rukna nahi chahta.”

“Life mein jitna bhi try karo, kuch na kuch toh chootega hi. Isliye yahin, isi pal ka mazza lete hain.”

“Kabhi kabhi kuch baatein humare yaadon ke kamre ki itni khidkiyaan khol deti hain ki hum dang reh jaate hai.”

“Shaadi is daal chawal for pachaas saal till you die. Arey life mein thoda bahut kheema pav, tangdi kebab, hakka noodles bhi hona chahiye na!”

“Yaadein mithai ke dabbe ki tarah hoti hain, ek baar khula toh sirf ek tukda nahi khaa paoge.”

“Kahin pe pahunchne ke lie kahin se nikalna bahut zaruri hota hai. Sahi waqt pe kat lena chahiye, nahi toh gile shiqwe hone lagte hain.”

“Badtameezi ek bimaari hai, aisi bimaari joh dheere dheere waqt ke saath budhape mein badal jaati hai, main kehta hoon jab tak budhapa nahi aata thodi badtameezi hi kar lete hain!”

Ye Jawani Hai Deewani Message

This generation is all about being greedy, trying to live as per others’ expectations, and following the popular culture. However, it’s not necessarily true that trying to adjust according to the so-called Gen-Z culture makes you wiser and more acceptable. Sometimes, your experience makes you much wiser and smarter than the so-called cool trends of the fictional world. Because as they say, You can’t have it all!

With that said, YJHD validates this point very well. Initially, the train scene from the movie portrays Naina as an odd one out because she didn’t do the so-called cool stuff like getting arrested, drunk driving, or watchmen ki pitai. But then in another scene, they planned out their whole day for travelling. As they watched the sunset in an exquisite location, Bunny asks them to go to the next destination on their itinerary so they do not miss out on that but Naina declines. She says, it feels good here and we can’t see or do all the things that we plan or desire and that’s the bottom line. In fact, in the movie, he misses his own father’s funeral as he was too busy quenching his wanderlust and living his life as a nomad.

Overall, the movie Ye Jawani Hai Deewani is a phenomenon and truly a masterpiece. And the movie definitely told us, the youths are crazy and adults are lazy. The fights in the movie are cute and real. While there were some wise nuggets on FOMO by Naina, there were some nuggets on love by Bunny. The songs of the movie are a little extra sweet and love inducing. While hearing those songs, you can’t help yourself from falling in love. Except for Ghaghra, all the songs are our soul-soothers. But again, because of the gorgeous Madhuri Dixit, Ghaghra made the headlines.

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