35 interesting facts about Human body

Interesting facts about the complex machine- human body

Our life is a wonderland just like our body. A human body is a complex topic that will never reach its end in (amazing facts about human body) terms of study and discussion. There are so many exciting discoveries regarding the human body. Here is a tiny list of strange and fascinating trivia of our bodies. Start reading!

  1. An adult human body consists of 206 bones but a person has 300 bones at the time of birth. It’s not like that those 94 bones got disappeared with time but those got fused with the remaining bones.                                                         
  2. With every step, a person uses around 200 muscles.
  3. The strongest muscle of a human body is the tongue. And everybody has a unique tongue print, just like their fingerprints.
  4. For moving from one place to another, a person uses almost 230 movable and semi-movable joints.
  5. Our bones are 5 times stronger than steel, also 50 times lighter than it. So, take care of it.

    Isn’t it phenomenal?

  6. But, our brains are as soft as butter. If a brain cell gets damaged, no one can repair it properly like before.
  7. Every second, our skin cells get multiplied to replace the damaged ones.
  8. Moreover, 30,000 to 40,000 skin cells die and fall from the body in every single minute.
  9. The skin of the people who are dark in color gets wrinkled later than the people who have a lighter skin color.
  10. There are 250 million cells in a single drop of human blood.
  11. A human blood cell takes only 20 seconds to circle a whole human body.
  12. The healthy human liver processes almost 720-liter blood in a single day.
  13. Every day all blood of a human body passes through both kidneys for 400 times. So, each kidney has to filter about 440 gallons of blood per day.
  14. You have 2 kidneys, 2 lungs. But, do you know that you can survive only with one of those organs which come in a pair?
  15. Your right lung takes in more air than the left one.
  16. A human ovary contains almost 500,000 eggs. Among them, only 400 eggs can be fertilized and create a life.                                                 
  17. An amount of pressure which one needs to raise the liquid to the fourth floor of a building is the same amount of pressure which our heart needs to pump the blood.
  18. A woman’s heart beats faster than a man’s heart.
  19. The fastest-growing tissue of our body is hair. But, your hair can grow up a maximum of 70 to 90 cm in length.
  20. The hair cells of the inner ear area translate the sound waves to electricity form for sending it to the brain.

    Amazing facts

  21. Our ears can distinguish more than 100,000 different sounds between 20Hz to 20 kHz.
  22. The human nose can recognize almost 50,000 different odors.
  23. Nose and the ears of a person can grow up until their death.
  24. You cannot sneeze for a single time with your eyes open.
  25. Nails never stop their growth. But, the amazing fact is that the growth of your fingernails is 4 times faster than the toenail’s growth.
  26. The stomach acid is enough strong to dissolve metal. If anyhow that acid touches your skin, it will burn.
  27. A human body carries approx 4 pounds of bacteria on average around it. You will find almost 40000 bacteria only in our mouth.
  28. Every second, there are about 100,000 chemical reactions happen in our brains.
  29. An adult person inhales and exhales the air almost 23000 times in a day.

    Are you surprised?

  30. The human eye can differentiate around 10 million different colors.
  31. Your corneas directly receive oxygen from the air. So, this body part is one that does not need any blood supply.
  32. Our teeth are hard enough like rocks that contain 99% of the entire body calcium. But our teeth generally heal itself and you cannot do anything for its repairing.
  33. When we kiss our partner, we pass (amazing facts about human body) on about 278 types of bacteria to the others. But, the good news is 95% of those bacteria are not harmful.
  34. When we kiss someone passionately, we get the same chemical reaction in our brain that we have at the time of firing a gun or skydiving.                         
  35. A hard-working adult sweats 10 to 14 liters per day. But, the fun fact is that sweat is odorless. Body odor begins to produce when the bacteria get mixed with it.                    conclusion                                                                                                                  When it comes to the point of discussion regarding wired facts about the human body, it takes a huge time to get ended. Still, we give our best to present the facts of each body part. I hope, you surely enjoy these unusual human body facts . Now tell your friends about these weird facts and impress them.

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