Check out whats the whatsapp new update are all about

You might have heard about the whatsapp new update, the new features of whatsapp are still under development. You might not have recieved this new update on Google play store yet. Whatsapp has decided to add the feature of self (whatsapp new update) destructing messages in the app and this will be named as “Delete Messages”. Along with this feature there is a buzz that they will be adding a dark mode to the app also. Which is also in the list of whatsapp new features.
Check out what’s the whatsapp new update are all about, follow the blog to find more information.

Self destructing messages

As you have heard and used this feature in Facebook messenger lately. Now you are going to enjoy that in your whatsapp app also.
These whatsapp new features will attract many of the new users also. You can set timing for messages to disappear, you can choose 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours etc. It will be working same as that of Facebook messenger. This feature will be available soon for all, after you update whatsapp new version. This app will let you use this feature in one to one encrypted chat or even for group too.

Dark mode

The another whatsapp new feature which you will be getting in the update whatsapp new version is dark mode. You might be familiar to this as this is the coolest thing which Facebook messenger is offering you for long time. For the time being it’s available for only Android beta version. However you can get it soon on your whatsapp.

So these were some of the whatsapp new features hope you are excited about them. You can check out what’s the whatsapp new update are all about online as well.

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