5 Indian street foods you must not miss while in India

India is basically popular for its mouth-watering and enchanting foods. You will get a warm smile and drooling in your mouth if (Indian street foods) you are a true foodie. Here we will present 5 street foods which you must not miss while you are in India. Let’s get started-

Pani Puri:

The name is enough for the Indians to indulge in it. This is a favorite & lip-smacking food to treat our taste buds. People of all ages love to have it.


Egg, chicken, paneer, vegetable, and all types of rolls hold a special place among the lanes & hearts of the Indians. It is enough to beat hunger anytime around the day.


It belongs mainly to the south but still, it has become the best one all over the country. Masala, cheese, paneer and many more variety holds on the list.

Pav bhaji:

It is one of the most popular dishes for every foodie. The pav sauted in butter & served with bhaji and that is extremely sumptuous. It is also enough to meet the needs of hunger.


The best momos found mainly on the hills but still, these dumplings are nevertheless favorite of all age groups. It is served with soup & mainly comes with tags like pork, chicken & vegetable. (Indian street foods)


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