How to use Tampons?

Most of the women at times search for the application of Tampons, during their menstrual cycle. Undoubtedly Tampons are (How to use Tampons) a boon to females who wants to relax and remain worry-free during their periods. Using Tampons is not difficult but you need to know the exact trick for the same.

Have a look at below instructions to start using Tampons on the first day of your periods:

The tampon is comprised of two parts: First one is the Tampon itself which is inserted inside the body and second one is the plastic applicator which is used for inserting the same.

How to use a tampon?

Clean your hands:

Always clean your hands and then look for unwrapping the Tampon. While buying the Tampon do check the string hanging out of the non-slip grip applicator. Before using, try to pull them to be sure that they are firmly attached.

Be Seated:

For placing Tampon inside try sitting on a toilet with your knees apart, or you can stand with a single foot while putting other on the toilet seat.

Insert the Tampon into your Vagina:

Place the tip of the applicator into your vagina, making an angle of 45 degrees. Now hold no-slip grip applicator plunger with your middle finger and thumb. Start sliding the smooth and tapered applicator into your vagina until your fingers start touching your body.

Place the Tampon:

Use your pointer finger and push the plunger inside the barrel. This step will release the Tampon inside. The plunger is now inside the barrel, and you can gently pull out the Tampon Applicator. Now the Tampon will be comfortable inside ar right place with the strings hanging outside the body.

Never Flush:

After using the Tampon place the applicator in its wrapper and throw it, never flush it.

Are you comfortable:

If the Tampon is placed at the correct plan, you will not feel anything. But if there is any sense of discomfort, you can remove and try with a new one.

Tampon Removal:

Again get into the position you have used for insertion and pull down the strings. The Tampon will find its way outside. Wrap it in the toilet paper and throw it in the dustbin. Now wash your hands, and you are FREE!!! (How to use Tampons)

 With Tampons, you never need to hesitate to stand aside and face the ignorance as it is the complete solution to enjoy even in your period days.

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