5 Student Life Web series depicting their happiness and struggles


Student Life Web series are becoming much more trending among teenagers and struggling professionals than television shows. Most of the population prefer to watch them instead of watching daily soaps. This is because it is much more content driven than a television show. It shows the reality of life. Because of this only, people feel more connected to these web series than a television drama. 

Moreover these are made in almost all types of genres. They clearly depict different phases of life from which a person goes through. Student life, whether it is a school, college or any for a professional degree is indeed a mixed phase of life. It is a phase of mixed feelings like happiness, struggles, regrets, hardships, ups-downs and finally overcoming it yourself or through people around you. There are many web series which have clearly depicted this phase.

So let us know about some of those Student Life Web series which you must watch if you are a student or want to remember that amazing phase. 

1.Student Life Web series – Kota factory

First in the list of Web series depicting the student phase is Kota Factory. Kota is a known place for IIT coaching centres. Students from many remote cities and villages come here to accomplish their dream to become an Engineer. So the same is the case of the 16- year old boy who hails from a small city Itarsi in Madhya Pradesh to Kota in Rajasthan. 

This web series clearly depicts the struggles and ups-downs of the boy to complete his dream. The reason why I should watch this series is the connection which it creates for its viewers. Just watching its first episode, you will feel a strong connection with all its characters. Besides this, the black and white theme of this series is another interesting element to watch. You can watch this web series on TVF Originals or on Youtube. 

2.Laakhon mein Ek

This series is yet another IIT related series. It has two parts and both depicts the struggles of students to clear the biggest IIT entrance exam. This shows the ups-downs which they bear during their journey. Besides this, it shows how IIT coaching centres earn big money through coaching and have made it a business to play with dreams of small town students who come there to achieve their dreams.

This series is written by famous IIT aspirant and well known comedian Biswa Kalyan Rath. The reason why I should watch it is the beautiful depiction of the real life struggle of IIT students and covers many serious topics. You can watch its 2 seasons on Amazon Prime Video. 

3.Student Life Web series- Aspirants

Next in the list of best Student Life Web series is Aspirants. It is a very recent and trending series nowadays. This is another similar yet distinctive TVF series like Kota Factory. Just like Kota Factory, it also depicts the struggle of students. But then also it has many distinctions and differences. This is based on a student Abhilash’s story to clear the toughest UPSC exam. It has been set in Delhi’s Rajendra Nagar which is hub for UPSC aspirants like Kota in Kota Factory. Compared to the Kota Factory, it is much more mature and creates more real connection. 

It very beautifully depicts the journey of friendship, love, and struggles to clear the UPSC exam. Besides this, I will clearly make you sure that you will laugh, cry while watching it and it will make you feel the same connection and experience like the protagonist of the series. This is all because of the amazing and real acting of all the actors of the series as well beautiful presentation of the story. You can watch this on TVF Originals or Youtube. 

4.Student Life Web series- College Romance

This is yet another web series you can watch. If you want to entertain yourself and go back to the nostalgia mode of college life. Then it will help you get there. This can be considered as a romantic comedy genre. You can clearly experience each and everything of college life. 

It is a beautiful combination of friendship, love and romance. Each and every actor in this web series had played its part very well. So if you are looking for any light hearted romantic series, then you can watch it. You can watch 2 seasons of this series on Netflix. 

5.Girls hostel

As the name depicts, this Student Life Web series is based on the hostel life of girls. This series will let you relive your experiences of hostel life. Besides showing hostel life, it has covered other serious topics too like women empowerment and struggles of a girl while fighting for inequality in this society. It is a combination of amazing story, great dialogues and beautiful acting in this series. You can watch its 2 seasons on Netflix. 

Summing up

Above are some of the Student Life Web series which depicts different experiences of student and college life. In my opinion, you must watch them to experience those moments again and now if you are in that phase itself. I just make you sure that you all will love watching them. 


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