Why is Vlogging so trending among the present generation?


Vlogging is a short form for the word Video Blogging. It means posting videos on social media about lifestyle, culture, food,education, motivation and many other diverse fields. It has become a new and popular trend for the present generation. These videos are very interesting and also provide more knowledge than any other medium. This is because of this feature only that it is becoming a trend nowadays. So let us know about some of the reasons for its popularity. 

Reasons for Vlogging Popularity 

Below explained are  some of the reasons of Vlogging Popularity-

1.Global connection

First reason is that it connects people globally. It doesn’t matter where you reside. You can start vlogging from any part of the world. It automatically reaches globally to different parts of the world. This is the first reason why it gets popular. 

2.Vlogging- Creates more interest than reading

It is a known fact that the content shown in the video form is much more appealing than reading a book or article. Besides this, it creates much more interest to watch video content. This is because reading is much more boring than watching. Because of this only people usually watch more movies and web series based on any book than reading a book physically. 

3.Diverse genres

Next reason for Vlogging popularity is the diverse genres. It is common that all persons have different preferences and watch videos based on that factor only. So there are diverse vloggers which post video content related to different genres. These include education, lifestyle, culture, food, politics, comedy, bollywood, music and motivation. 

4.Vlogging- Wide variety of content

Besides availability of different genres, there is one more point which can be noted. This point is that you can find a wide content variety in vlogging. It means there is a lot of content based on 1 topic. This has many benefits. First is that you can check out a video of your choice if there’s any lack of connection to a particular video. Besides this, more videos on 1 topic can help you clear out all doubts related to a topic. Also it can help you get in depth knowledge about a particular topic. 


Besides the above features, the next reason for Vlogging popularity is its effectiveness. It is no doubt to say that it is more effective than a book or article. This has also been scientifically proved that watching something creates much more lasting impact than reading something. So that is the reason why video bloggers are much more popular than bloggers.

6.Greater connecting power

Due to being much effective and creating lasting impact, viewers get more connected to these videos. This means this can connect much larger people to it. 

7.Vlogging- Mood changer 

Last but not the least, now people are so much involved in their own work routines that they find it boring. So this can be the best medium to have something interesting in life. You can watch videos of your choice to make your mood happy and relaxing. 

Vlogging- Benefits 

Now let us know about some of the benefits of Vlogging through below points-

1.Can start easily

First benefit of Vlogging is that it is a very easy medium to start. If you like to share your content with people then you can easily start with much less expenses. You just need an app to create and edit video. 

2.Vlogging- Earn money

Besides being the easiest medium to start with, you can gain huge money if you are able to gather a large audience. There are many popular vloggers nowadays who are earning money through just posting daily videos. 

3.Act as Medium to join film industry

There are many people who want to be an actor or singer or want to join the film industry. So this can act as a best medium for that. For this, first you are required to make videos on a daily basis, attract an audience and try to promote yourself as much as you can. 

By doing this, it can surely happen that any music director, film producer approaches you for their films or music videos. It is a true fact that in recent times many vlogers got offers for the same. 

4.Vlogging- Attract much larger audience

Vlogging is a very best medium to attract a larger audience towards your content. So if you wish to express your content to a large no. of people then you must adopt this medium. It will create much lasting impact and connection with people.


At last, I would just say that try to adopt with changing trends. So, If you like to share your content with others and you want to attract more people towards your content. Then you must adopt this trending Vlogging medium to start something new. Hope it will help to achieve success you want. 


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