5 ways to keep kids busy in creative activities during a pandemic

In this pandemic situation, most of the young parents are facing problems like how to keep kids busy in a fruitful way. Now the world is going through a devastating Covid-19 pandemic and the kids are suffering the most. Along with the adults, kids are also trying their best to cope up with the terms and situations like quarantine, lock down, isolation. Millions of school-going students are forced to be at home now. In addition, the formal education system is also suffering because of it. And for all of these, to keep kids busy at home has become a challenge for the parents. In this situation, guardians need to focus on the mental and physical health of the children. So, keeping all these in mind, we have come up with 5 creative suggestions for keeping kids engaged and making their days brighter.

5 ways to keep your kids busy with creativity

Here we will show you a path with 5 amazing ideas which you can apply to your kids to keep them busy. Read on-

1. Plant a garden:

Making the world greener can never a bad idea. If you have free space on your terrace or balcony, you can plant trees there and easily make a small garden. Along with this, you can also teach your kids where our food comes. For that, you can make a kitchen garden. Like this, you can get fresh fruits and vegetables from your own garden. Also, keep kids busy in taking care of plants. Together you can spend plenty of time with the green plants. It will not only make the environment greener but also refresh your mood. As this pandemic puts a halt to the regular busy schedule, it is the best time to do work on your gardening project. 

kids Plant a garden

2. Cooking Classes:

Good food, good mood, and good life! We all know this, right? This quarantine period is a great time to bring out the chef in you and your kids too. Tell them to help you in the kitchen and give them cooking classes. Thus they will be able to make simple dishes for themselves whenever they need it. And to be healthy and happy at this time we really need healthy and tasty food. So, cooking is another good idea to engage your children. Cooking is an art and practicing those they could be a master chef in the future, who knows?

3. Do some art and craft:

Besides study, art and craft are also extremely essential for kids. Most of the kids love art and craft and it grows their creativity as well as sharpens their minds. You can tell them to make some DIY home decor. Let them do a colorful list of their ideas and hang them. Like this, parents can keep kids busy in painting. Kids can also create their own comics books. Gathering old family photos can make an album or beautiful family tree. On the other side, they can try tie-dye which offers opportunities to express creativity.

kid Do some art and craft

Music and dance too :

If your child loves music and dance, it is the right time for practice. As they have enough free time, they can practice regularly. As a parent, you need to appreciate their work and encourage them. Later, their talent will amaze you and you will cherish that forever. If your children are interested, they can take admission to online classes too. This will help the kids in learning new things and passing the time. Thus your kids can stay active all day long and enjoy their time at home.

4. Keep kids busy in practice yoga or exercises:

One of the healthiest things you can do to keep kids busy is to make them do yoga daily. Regular exercises, practicing yoga, meditation, or other breathing exercises will keep their energy level high. Besides, sleeping adequately and eating healthy, practicing yoga is the best option you can go for. This ancient practice has so many benefits. It removes all the stress and reduces anxiety. There are lots of online yoga classes available, make them join the classes, and do yoga with your kids in this stressful situation to boost your immune system.

kid Practice Yoga or exercises

5. Keep kids busy in learning a new language and letter writing:

To learn a new language will always open up a new direction for your children. Learning a new language is really beneficial, but it is not that much easy. But you know, where there is a will, there is a way. Online classes provide you all the facilities to learn a new thing. An online course of learning a new language will give your kids the wings to fly. 

Online messenger is a mode of communication these days. But nothing beats the charm of writing a letter. A letter from your friends or close persons is always special as it carries sentimental value. Today, kids do not know how to write a letter to a special person. Parents can teach them how to write letters during this quarantine.

kid Learning a new language and letter writing


Free-spirited kids like to go out, play with their friends. They do not like to stay at home for 24×7. So, it is their parents’ responsibility to keep them entertained with some productive tasks during this COVID situation. Being stuck at home you should not keep kids busy in front of screens. In that place, you can give them unleashed reign offering some fun activities mentioned above. It is also a very tough time for parents, but fortunately, there are lots of creative activities for them too. So, No worries! Remember that ‘ This too shall pass’. In conclusion, we can say that this article is going to be very helpful. Because here we are highlighting some of the main issues of this society during this pandemic and offering some suggestions on how to overcome them. Stay active, stay happy.


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