Sushant and Rhea Love Story: The squabbling relationship

Sushant and Rhea love story is currently trending but not for any good reasons. Though usually celebrity love stories are cute this one took a major turn after Sushant’s sad demise.

Every next hour of the day some of the other private stories about this duo keeps flashing up as the breaking news. However, not everything we hear is true. So, here we have brought some of the major things about their love life that you might be curious to know about. From how they met to how they got into the limelight, everything will amaze you.

Sushant and Rhea love story: The first meeting

Many people have a misconception that Sushant and Rhea met a few years back. The fact is, the duo knew each other from a very long time. Also, the two had the same manager for quite a long duration. They came into a relationship after they interacted at a party in 2019.

The spark in their new relationship eventually made them shift together. The two started undergoing the magic of that Live-in relationship. Even so, as the saying goes ‘not always things are perfect’. In June 2020 Rhea moved back with her family.

Sushant and Rhea love story: The marriage angle

Initially, the couple always refrained themselves for giving an official confirmation on their dating rumours. Still, their frequent insta posts were evident that something is cooking between them. Not only this but, the two went to trips together and some pictures from it also created a massive buzz on social media.

After months of the relationship, Sushant was about to take their love to the next level. Unfortunately before stepping up that beautiful ladder of the wedding, the ace actor left for his heavenly abode. Rhea officially confirmed about her relationship with Sushant on the actor’s 34th birthday. She posted adorable pictures of them on her social media.

Sushant and Rhea Dark Tale

Sushant Singh Rajput-Rhea Chakraborty love story has never been the talk of the town before the tragic death of the actor. But now, Rhea Chakraborty is grabbing a lot of hate because of the accusations revolving around her.

If we believe in Sushnat’s sister Shweta’s statements, the couple were spending a really good time together. However, just a few days before his suicide the two went into a heated argument.

Apart from Sushant’s sister even his father had given similar statements about how things became sour between them. His father also accused Rhea of financially exploiting Sushant.

Rumour has it that Sushant had gifted Rhea a platinum pendant on her birthday. Their close-knit circle says that they had a beautiful relationship. Even so, on the contrary, it seems to be as toxic as ever. Nonetheless, it’s not fair to make any judgement before the apex court comments on it.

Sushant and Rhea love story: Sneak Peek in controversial side

When it comes to Sushant Singh Rajput- Rhea Chakraborty love story, controversy is something that cannot be left behind. In this mysterious death case of Sushant Singh Rajput, his girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty is the most highlighted suspect and, this is the major reason for the CBI inquiry that has been initiated against her.

Allegedly, Rhea Chakraborty has made some shocking revelations during the inquiry:

Rhea was receiving allegations about shuffling the staff at Sushant’s house which according to her is not true. However, as per her statement, Sushant and his sister chose the staff. She neither fired nor hired any of his staff.

Rhea gave shut up answers to the rumours regarding Sushant being depressed because of her. If we listen to what she has to say, Sushant was suffering from anxiety and depression way before she met him. And as a matter of fact, he is the one who made her meet her doctors.

Rhea Chakraborty revelations in CBI inquiry

Talking about the house the two brought together, she opened on the fact that the got it on 10th December 2019.

Another shocking revelation Rhea made in the CBI inquiry is, about their Europe trip. The actress claims that she had a photoshoot in Europe and, to spend time with her even Sushant joined her there. He also made the bookings of the Hotels and the Flights as she stated. Above all this, she concluded her statement by saying that whatever money Sushant spent on buying anything for her was totally his choice. Also, it was his discretion as her lover.

As per our inference, on this whole situation assuming anything well in advance could ruin a lot of lives. Rhea has been arrested by NSB and inquired by CBI, which is proof enough that if we patiently wait for our country’s Judicial system would definitely serve justice.

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