Do this flowers really exist..?

Flowers are said to bring positivity in our life and are considered to be the natural moderator of moods. 

Below are some really amazing facts related to flowers:-

  • In past the tulip bulbs were as expensive as gold and later became a form of currency 
  • Quite interestingly the flowering phase in one Bamboo species all over the world at the same no matter where they are located in the world 
  • The process of Sunflower head tracking and moving according to sun movement is known as heliotropism. 
  • Plants can actually adjust the timing of flowering which depends upon the environmental conditions such as light, temperature and availability of nutrients 
  • One of the main causes of plants not flowering is overfeeding which means excess of nitrogen results in green plants with no flowering 
  • The largest flower name is Puya Raimondii which is approximately 35000 feet tall and can bear up to 8000 white flowers 
  • Some flowers are edible in nature like lavender, thyme, dill , cilantro, basil and much more. 
  •   Basically the flowering have been divided into two groups viz Monocotyledons which have seed leaf where food storage of seed is done while other is dicotyledon in which the embryo is with two cotyledons.
  • Grasses are vital for the growth of flower as they provide nutrition to the plant 
  • Plant named Gas plant gives a lemon scented vapour which can actually be burnt using a matchstick 
  • Roses come from the family of apples, raspberries , cherries, peaches and plums.

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