Amazing facts about Global Warming

The increasing pollution day by day had increased up the heat of earth and ultimately led to the grave situation of global warming. Global warming is a phenomena where the temperature of earth has increased ,the reason cited behind this emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. 

So below are just a few amazing facts related to Global warming that can actually blow up your mind:-

  • The death rate has seen incredibly faster growth on graph thanks to the weather related issues 
  • As per the official records 2014 has been regarded as the hottest year till now
  • The opposite impact of global warming can lead to not only increased temperature of earth but it can impact the weather vice-a-versa like Delhi unlikely  witnessed snow fall this year. 
  • Global warming is one of the  major reasons behind the extinction of several species 
  • According to official reports 20 percent of methane gas emissions is produced by cattle burps and farts alone
  • It is assumed world lost 16 percent of coral reefs in 1998 which is regarded as the second hottest year till now
  • Global warming has resulted into increased acidity of surface ocean water by 30 percent 
  • Global warming has been on the mind of scientists where they want to induce it on planet Mars to make life habitual there and eventual colonization
  • Approximately 37 percent of Americans believe that global warming is a hoax created by scientists and it can’t affect their life. 
  • On an average it has been estimated that 100 million people living in coastal areas will be replaced by one yard rise in sea level

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