Amazing facts about Water for survival

Our existence is just because of water and our
survival is just impossible without it. The chemical
formula of water is H2O. Below is the list of some
amazing facts related to water that are quite
essential to know about that:-
 The glaciers count for about 68.7% of Earth’s
fresh water .
 Everything except sulphuric acid is insoluble in
 The weight of water is 8 pounds per gallon
 Our human brain comprises of 70% of water
 Interestingly swimming pool tends to lose
10,000 gallons of water through process of
 You can even die from drinking too much of
water also known as water intoxication
 Traces of water have been founded in form of
ice in moon.
 Scientists have actually claimed to find out a
water vapour that is just floating in space and
is actually 10,000 times larger than sun.

 You can actually extract water out of your
excreta in time of water shortage. A device
named Omniproccesor helps to do this act.
 Insect named “ water strider” can actually
water because of its anatomy of their weight
is such that doesn’t penetrate the surface.
 Even Einstein and Newton could not cite the
reason behind “ Mpemba Effect” in which it
was discovered that hot water freezes faster
than cold water
 Humans can actually their serious issue of
depression and fatigue by regular intake of
 Liquid Water have 5 different stages and 14
different phases of Ice.
 You can actually make instant snow by
throwing boiling water into air during subzero

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