Traffic Signals Lights-The Reality of Japan Traffic

Japan used pure blue light instead of green at traffic signals

japan traffic signals

Have you ever seen a blue light on a traffic signal? The answer (japan traffic lights) must be a ‘no’.  But some years ago Japan used mythical blue traffic lights in some areas.

Japanese Government set blue light as “go” signals in their street light due to their linguistic obsession. Japanese is the language that used the same word ‘ao’ for both the green and blue colors. But now the modern Japanese language says that ‘ao’ means blue and ‘modori’ refers to green. On the other hand, the official ”Go” color of a traffic light is called ‘ao’ even it is a perfect green.

Till 1968, the Japanese government did not accept the standardized traffic signals. In 1973, they decided that traffic light should be green. From then, they are using the bluest shade of green in the traffic light. But when it comes to (japan traffic lights) the licensing test, the Japanese drivers have to distinguish between red, yellow, and blue in their vision test part.


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