Secrets of Area 51-Description and facts

Nowadays the world is dealing with an unbelievable thing that is Area 51. Many of you doesn’t know
much about this place, so today we will clear all your doubts regarding Area 51. Area 51 is a place
situated in United States of America is found as the residence for aliens. Yes you read it right, this is
because people many times seen and recorded some stuff that corresponds to the inheritance of aliens.

Not only once, many times people around Area 51 have seen some irregular activities. Area 51 is the
only place on the earth where these activities have been done. Scientist from different different
countries has came over Area 51 to summarize all the things that happened here in past few years but
till now they are unable to gather right information. Many people have seen those unbelievable
activities and they recorded it too.

The first incident that has been seen in Area 51 which seeks attention of the world was way back in 1994
when a drone like thing was seen roaming around that area. This incident was shot on camera and then
this shot video got many mixed reaction. Some people believed that this was some kind of stuff that was
performed by American Army, they say that this flying thing was drone. But let us make you all clear that
in 1994 drone was not even invented.

area 51

One more incident that captured everyone’s attention was when a person who was working in an office
in Area 51 recorded a video in night and in that video a unusual stuff was recorded which was like alien.
This was the perfect incident which shows that Area 51 is different from the common world.

After this many more incidents have been seen there. Still some people believes that everything
regarding Area 51 is just imaginary. But some scientist after many research told that there is some kind
of stuff going on in Area 51 which proves that there must be some people from other planet or we can
say some aliens.

Some reserches say that Area 51 have other values of gravitational forcea and magnetic force which
cause these unconventional phenomenon. But whatever the cause is there must be some serious
discussion about Area 51 in upcoming years. Scientists are doing everything to make clear all the doubts

that has been generated regarding Area 51.

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