Apple And Samsung Competed By Another New Smartphone

Today we are here with a news which can be heart breaking for Smartphone developing giants Apple and Samsung. We are all living in the world driven by technologies. Smartphones are most used gadgets in the world now. Every single day, there is a smartphone manufacturing company who launches new model. And all the new coming models enhanced with new technologies, new specifications. If you purchase a new smartphone today, then please don’t get shocked if tomorrow your friends call your newly brought smartphone old. This is just because there are so many new models which gets released everyday.

But there are few companies whose smartphones never gets old. If you buy companies oldest model then also it provide you the classiness same as any other companies newest model. You got it guys, we are talking about Apple and Samsung. These two companies are the leader of the smartphone manufacturing society. Apple smartphones on the one hand are very classy and costly. They provide user the luxurious interaction. On the other hand if we talk about Samsung, this company build smartphone for every group of people. Samsung has smartphones priced equal to Apple and it also has smartphone priced equal to some ordinary smartphones manufacturing company.

Worries for Apple and samsung:-

But from last 3 years Xiaomi has taken over the top spot and has became the largest selling smartphone brand in India. The reason behind instant success of Xiaomi is that this company provide the same specifications as the other top brands in less price. Whenever Xiaomi launches its new smartphone model in India, then it is sure that the model will break any of Xiaomi’s last selling record. Xiaomi has became a threat for all the top smartphone selling companies.

There is a breaking news that came last week. Smartphone developing company Xiaomi is coming up with a new outstanding technology inhibitted phone. The news has not been confirmed yet but it is quite sure that Xiaomi is working on some extraordinary project.

According to some sources Xiaomi is going to launch an extraordinary smartphone this year. Recently Xiaomi has revealed the new version of it’s flagship Mi 10 Ultra smartphone. And guys this smartphone comes with an absolutely new version of technology. This smartphone has a selfie camera which is invisible to the naked eyes. I know you guys can’t believe this but you have to. World is dealing with an outstanding technology change and this change is a Part of it.

Xiaomi is coming up with a new invisible camera:-

Xiaomi’s new flagship is coming with an invisible selfie camera. The camera will be designed in a way that it will not be visible to the person but it will be there in the phone. The camera will be placed under the screen of the phone. In a unauthorized video tweeted by perennial leaker, Ice universe, on their official twitter account, Xiaomi shows off the unreleased smartphone alongside the current model which features a punch-hole style camera in the top-left of the display.

This is definitely one of the major breakthrough that Xiaomi is trying to bring in the market. Putting camera under the screen is bit difficult because at the same time developers has to keep eye on two things. First one is screen and the second one is camera. They have to make sure that none of two things make impact the quality of other.

In the video tweeted by Ice universe, a glimpse of the selfie taken by the camera has also shown and the result looks promising. Let us hope that this smartphone comes into the market as soon as possible because after this video people has become more curious. Xiaomi currently owns 10% of the world’s smartphone market share and if this new technology works for Xiaomi then it will work as a booster for Xiaomi in the market.

People eagerly waiting for new technologies:-

Everyday there is some news regarding use of new technology in the smartphone but this is Xiaomi has come up with something unique and something which has not been yet imagined. Let us hope that this new technology impresses us all.

If this works for Xiaomi then definitely there will be challenge for every other smartphone brand to come up with something better. If they doesn’t then Xiaomi will be way more ahead of the other top smartphone brands of the world. Chinese smartphone manufacturer, ZTE has also announced to to launch a smartphone with an under screen selfie camera this year. But everyone is waiting for Xiaomi’s flagship because Xiaomi is more trusted brand.

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