Best way of learning: Online Class or Offline Class

Today we are going to discuss on a very hot topic that is best way of learning. Due to the arrival of the corona virus in the world the trend of organizing online class has seen tremendous growth. Some people thinks that taking online class is way more effective than scheduling class offline. But still there are many people out there who thinks that offline class was more valuable in the past and it will be more valuable in the future too.

Recently, new education policy has also been introduced in India by the Indian Education Ministry. After the introduction of new education police this question has become more interesting that which is the best way of learning. So, today we will discuss every single aspect of online class and offline class. After reading this whole article we are sure that you guys will know the best way of learning.

Best way of learning depends on the choice of an individual:-

Every person has different perspective. Everyone has different taste. Everyone has different opinion about best way of learning. Offline learning and online learning are the two sides of a coin. Some loves attending offline classes and some people loves online classes. But today we will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of both offline and online classes and then you guys can decide which one is better for you.

Advantages of online class:-

The most important thing associated with online class is that your learning wouldn’t stop. For taking online class one just need a smartphone or a laptop and a good and steady internet connection. The student can attend his class sitting in any corner of the world. Online lectures are available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Anytime you want study you just have to switch on your laptop or your smartphone. You doesn’t have to wait for professors to come and teach you. Online classes offers flexibility to the students. And one more thing, there are many students who have shyness and can’t ask questions in the offline class but during the online class that student can ask questions too. He just has to use his or her email to send the question to the professor and professor will send the corresponding answer on the student’s id itself. Online classes have financial benefits too. Online class requires only a computer and internet connection. There will be no travel cost, no extra food cost. Online courses will teach you new learning techniques.

Disadvantages of online class:-

Online class will take more time from you. As we all know online class requires typing more than speaking and it is a world known fact that speaking requires less time than typing. Online class requires you to be responsible towards to studies because unlike offline class there will ne no one during the online class to force you for studying. Online class offers you more freedom and sometimes the amount of freedom offered is more than enough. The freedom is dangerous if you don’t know the way to handle it. Online class gives you the independence you were willing for but independency sometime gives birth to laziness. Laziness in study will pull you back every time.

Advantages of offline class:-

Now let’s discuss about traditional class that is offline mode of teaching. Offline classes are much more effective than the other mode. Offline classes provide face to face interaction between a student and a teacher. Through offline class student get more social knowledge as compared to online class. Students can enjoy their time with their friends, with their classmates and sometimes with their teachers too. Student can use the infrastructure of their college or their school for their purpose. The main agenda of scheduling class offline is to teach student, the importance of time and discipline. Student have to be on time and should have to be punctual. If any students hesitates in asking questions to his teacher then he or she can share their problem with their friends. Offline class creates a environment in which you get instant answers and instant solution of your problems. Learning efficiency of students increases during the offline class. During the offline class we can counter the teacher instantly while his or her teaching.

Disadvantage of offline class:-

There are no major disadvantage of taking class offline. One disadvantage that most students think is the hesitation of students to ask doubt in the class during the lecture. Most of the student feels shy in asking questions during the class because they think that the remaining student of the class will make fun of his or her question. And one more thing associated with offline class which some students thinks as a slight disadvantage. That thing is taking regular offline class at fixed time sometimes become boring. Students of today’s era wants excitement.


The best way of learning depends on the individual who is going to study. There are some people who prefer online learning because it provides them comfort and silence. And then there are some people who loves offline learning because they want to spend time around peoples. So there is no certain way for which we can say that it is best way of learning because the definition of best way of learning changes from person to person. The main motive of taking classes is to capture as much as knowledge as we can. It doesn’t matter how you do it. So, focus on getting knowledge because you are learning in the best way only when you are gathering some knowledge from your classes.

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