Burger King IPO: A Big Investment Opportunity

Burger King IPO is a good news for investors in the midst of this pandemic. It is indeed a very good earning option for investors. It is the first time it is issuing shares to the general Public. But before you invest in it, you must know all details about this IPO. These details include opening, closing time, issue price of shares. 

Burger King IPO: Complete details about this IPO

Read this article till the end to know about complete details of this IPO. It will let you know everything about Burger King IPO. 

About Burger King

Burger King is originally a US restaurant brand which has many subsidiaries and branches in various countries. It has more than 200 restaurants and more than 7 sub-franchise restaurants in India. In India, it opened its first restaurant in 2014. 

It is growing fast in India in these recent years. This is because of Indian taste and flavor it offers to its customers. Besides this, it offers many different varieties for customers. 

Burger King IPO: Meaning of IPO and reasons for bringing IPO 

It means Initial Public Offering. A company has many options to raise funds to expand its business. One such way is by issuing shares. So when a company raises funds by issuing shares to General public, it is called an IPO.

It is also a method for a company to list on the stock exchange. After listing on the stock exchange, its shares can be bought and sold from there. So after this IPO, you can trade its shares on the stock exchange. It will get it listed on both BSE and NSE.  

There can be various reasons for coming with an IPO. The reason for Burger King IPO is to generate funds for growing business. Besides this, another reason is meeting corporate and general expenses. 

Burger King IPO: Opening, Closing, Issue Price of shares

This Burger King IPO is open for 3 days only. It is opened from 2 Dec.2020 to 4 Dec.2020. The face value per share is Rs. 10. Besides this, It has kept its price from Rs. 59-60 per equity share.

Company has came with a Book built issue IPO. So this method will decide issue price. Under this method, price is decided after public subscription of shares. 

Company has decided a lot for these shares. So if you want to invest in Burger King IPO, you need to purchase it a lot. The minimum lot for these shares is 1 in which there are 250 shares. Maximum lot is 135 shares which has 3250 shares in it. 

How to apply for IPO 

You can apply in this IPO through a broker or without any broker. If you are applying yourself, there are various options for applying. These different options include Upstox, Zerodha, Groww,5 Paisa, HDFC bank, Edelweiss, SBI bank. You must have internet banking to apply through these options. 

Other Important details

There are some details which you must know. The expected date for allotment of shares is Dec. 9, 2020. It will list shares. its shares listed. Company has not yet decided its listing date. But it is expected to get listed on 14 Dec. 2020. It will list on both NSE and BSE. The promoter for this IPO is QSR Asia PTE Ltd. It has its closing in 3 days only. So it is important to subscribe it before it closes. 

Burger King IPO: Investment status for 2 Dec. 2020 and 3 Dec.2020 

According to market and financial experts, it has seen a great response from investors.  It has seen a positive investment status. There are very few that investors invest in any IPO on its first opening day. But it is one of them. It ranks sixth in the IPO to be subscribed on the first day i.e. 2 Dec. 2020. 

Besides this, there is also positive investment news on the second day itself. It has seen 9 times subscription from investors. So it is good news for Burger King owners. It is a positive signal for them for their future growth prospects. 

Last day to apply for Burger King IPO: 4 Dec. 2020

If you have not yet invested in it, purchase its shares today. This is a good opportunity for new investors to grow and multiply their money. Since 4 Dec. 2020 is the last date, subscribe it for good future earnings.  

Conclusion: Reasons why to invest in this IPO 

There are many strengths and positive points to invest in this IPO. Firstly, it is growing fast in recent times. It is also planning to expand its business through these funds. Besides it also focuses on customer relations, customer taste and offers varieties according to Indian taste. It also takes care of hygiene conditions for its customers. So you can expect its’ bright future. 

These are some good reasons to invest in it. So you must invest in Burger King IPO. It will be a good investment decision for you. So you must invest in this IPO.

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