Australian vs American Wedding : 13 Biggest Differences

There are various differences between Australian vs American Wedding. This is because of varying traditions between 2 countries. They are very interesting traditions which will make you surprise and also shock you. Also if you decide to plan wedding in any of these countries, you must know it. It will help you plan accordingly. 

Australian vs American Wedding : Various differences between 2 cultures 

To know about these interesting differences, read this article till the end. Some of these are rules for weddings and some are their traditions. I am sure that it will surprise and shock you.

1.Choosing a venue under a roof

For wedding planning in America, firstly you must decide the venue as per its rules. This is because you can only have your wedding at a licensed venue. Also it must be under a roof and not in an open ground. So if you are planning for it, you must take care of it. In Australian wedding planning, there is no such rule. This is the first difference between both these weddings.

2.Australian vs American wedding: Unity Bowl ceremony

Another ceremony which creates a difference in Australian vs American weddings is Unity Bowl ceremony. This is an  Australian wedding ceremony.  There is something interesting about it. This is because this ceremony is a kind of blessing for couple. 2 empty bowls are kept in this ceremony. One is for bride and another for groom. A third bowl contains some colorful stones. These stones shows some qualities. 

Now, wedding guests are made to fill empty bowls with stones symbolizing their attributes. After the wedding, filled bowls are given to the couple as a memory for the wedding. 

3.Gifting bible as a token of love

In Australian weddings, it is a tradition to give a bible to the couple. Either a family member can gift it. Sometimes, Parent also gift their old bible as a gift. This is not seen in America.  

4.Smoking ceremony

This is a holy ceremony of Australia. This is because of believed to be as blessing for newly married couple. In this ceremony, some holy plants are burned . After that, its smoke is waved to the couple.

It is a very old tradition and a belief.  A belief that these plants have healing powers. This is not followed in America. 

5.Australian vs American wedding: Choosing wordings for the wedding

There are some wordings for all christian weddings. These are recited in weddings. There is a difference in this too. In America, there is no freedom for the couple to choose a script for their wedding. Registrars of marriages draft this script.  

Couples are not allowed to edit or draft it. But there is a different rule in Australia. You have the right to write or edit the script of your weddings.

6.Australian vs American wedding: Right to choose wedding registrars

You don’t have any right to choose your wedding registrar. This is another difference between Australian Vs American wedding. You just have to book that you are having a wedding. They sent them as per their time available. This is not the same for an Australian wedding. So you can chose a register in America.

7.Special songs for wedding

There are a unique choice of songs in Australian weddings. They choose sentimental type of songs for weddings. They play some  common sentimental and emotional songs at the wedding. It is not prevalent in America. So this is another difference between Australian vs American wedding.

8.Australian vs American wedding: Stone ceremony

Stone ceremony is another important ceremony of Australia. In this ceremony, the wedding couple threw stones in the river. This is an old Australian tradition. There is a reason behind it.

There is a belief that it increases couple’s togetherness. It signifies that the couple will remain together in life’s ups and downs. This  tradition is not followed in America. 

9.Restriction on Capturing Photo of Marriage Certificate 

There is a restriction for wedding photographer in America. This restriction is not to click a picture of the original marriage certificate. They can click a photo of duplicate marriage certificate.  In Australian weddings, there is no such restriction. So you can click original marriage certificate’s photo. 

10. Restriction on drinks for wedding guests

There is another difference between Australia vs American weddings. This is related to serving drinks to guests. American weddings have a restriction to serve some drink bottles.  Besides this, if they want more, they can purchase from a bar. There is no such restriction prevalent in Australian weddings. 

11.Taking bride to the stage

We usually see bride’s father taking her to the stage. This is common for Christian weddings.  But there is something different in Australia. This is because in Australian weddings, both the bride’s father and mother take her to the stage. This is a difference between Australian vs American wedding.

12.Throwing of rose petals

If you are attending any American wedding, then be sure not to throw rose petals on the couple. Since you can’t do this.  Simply because they usually have weddings in a hall. But if you want to throw rose petals, then you can do this on couple’s exit.

But this is the case for Australian weddings. So you can also threw rose petals there. 

13.Playing of Didgeridoo 

If you have ever decide to visit Australian weddings, then you will also surely hear its wind instrument. The name of this instrument is Didgeridoo. It is common for all Australian weddings. But it is not a part of any American wedding.


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