Calling hubby “ Mota haathi” can basis for filing divorce

If your husband is overweight and you call him with demeaning words such as “mota haathi” then chances are you can land up having divorce with him. Delhi high court ruled out that such insulting words can form basis for “destructive of matrimonial bond”.

As per court such harsh words criticizing physical appearance is enough to take down the self-respect of the person.

A family appeared before court on demanding divorce where husband admits to being facing cruelty by his wife as he was overweight and was not able to satisfy her sexual demands where husband reveal of facing being hit by his wife on his private parts when he wanted to have intercourse with her.  The wife has challenged the order in high court.  Also, the instances of physical violence faced by husband also came into light. Meanwhile wife was threating husband in false dowry case and domestic violence. However she failed to provide full proof of her own statements in the court.

The judge has apparently rejected this argument and has stated that in a matrimonial bond, no single partner is given the privilege to maintain a logbook and every instance of the matrimonial offense being committed by others. Such incidents are grave in nature and do form basis for divorce and do hamper the mental peace of the person.

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